December 12, 2011

Snowman Toast Snack

A lot of the time my kids are like, "Mom, why do we always eat the same exact junk for lunch everyday?"  And most of the time I just say, "Eat it or starve, it's up to you," but sometimes (rarely) I'm just awesome and instead of giving them different junk, I just make it LOOK different.

To make:

Grab a piece of bread, and some cheese, and some raisins, and a couple crackers and a carrot stick.

Place orange-y cheese on the bread.  Then take some string cheese and separate it into strips.  You'll need to place those strips in the middle of the bread in a snowman formation (head, middle, body).  Don't worry about making perfect circles, because I doubt your kids will care.

Melt the cheese by placing the bread on a cookie sheet in a hot oven (or a toaster oven).

Place a couple of raisins on the middle of your snowman for buttons.

Break your crackers so that you have a "brim" and a hat.  (I used wheat thins.) And put it on your snowman's head.

With a small knife or a grater or peeler, make a tiny nose out of a carrot and set it on the snowman's face.

I served this with carrots, because they seemed snowman-y.  Also I made hot chocolate because, like I said, I was being awesome that day.


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