June 16, 2019

Summer Loving

Summer is here and kicking our butts. I'll tell you what, I am daydreaming in rose-colored glasses, watching my kids run through the sprinklers, with slightly melted popsicles grasped in their chubby little fists. Instead? I just have teenage boys in and out of the house all day, needing rides to places, and money for things.

We already had our annual stupid summer accident. Thaddeus and Daniel went to high adventure camp. The second day, Thaddeus ended up in the hospital after the zip line broke, resulting in a metal rope burn and TWO gaping lacerations that were stapled back together again. I'm just glad he didn't fracture his skull. Needless to say, Thaddeus came home from camp early.

Also: I am going to girls camp..... wait, hang on a sec....

I aM GoIngTo GIRLS caMp!

Taylor had been hinting that she didn't want to go to girls camp, but after much discussion, she decided that she would be able to go if I came too. So I am! We leave Tuesday morning. I have no official job for camp, so I'll just, you know, be there for moral support and stuff. 

THEN, Taylor and I are going to leave girls camp a day early, because we will be headed down to the Manti LDS Temple pageant. June 22 is the pageant's final performance. I don't remember exactly the announcement, but a bunch of LDS pageants are going bye-bye. So we'll see the Manti pageant (And we will be riding in style because all the hotels and bed and breakfast places are sold out, so we rented a motorhome!) Next summer, we're going to go see the Hill Cummorah pageant and check out a few church history sites. Should be fun. 

Also, my parents and Blayne are meeting us at the pageant. And then we are taking Blayne BACK from our dear homesteading grandparents. I am super excited to have Blayne back, and Taylor is DYING for some special sister time. It's been a really, really good experience for Blayne, but we miss that sweet girl something fierce! 

I have also been looking for places to spend my personal time. Last week, I toured three nursing schools, because I would be SUCH a good nurse... Unfortunately, last week was also my slump week. (You know, the week before my infusion where I just get more and more sick?) And after talking to Troy, and factoring in all the costs, and factoring in all the slump weeks, and potential relapses, and disease progression... well, nursing school just doesn't make sense. I seriously hate that I can't even do something I really, really want, because of my MS. CURSE YOU MS! 

So I can't do nursing school. 

I can't do my (dream job) elementary art class teacher job.

But I DID find another program that I'm excited about! A million years ago, when I was going to school in Virginia, I found the coolest program for carpentry and woodworking, and I really wanted to take those classes, but SURPRISE! We moved away instead. But the community college down in Salt Lake has a furniture and cabinetry program. Naturally, I applied to that program. I'm pretty excited and am SO happy, and I have so many home projects swimming through the brain. It shall be glorious! 

May 28, 2019

Almost Summer

We are in the last week of school. We are excited, but also not excited. The kids want to do so many things, on top of all the other things that already are happening, and it's just not going to be a calm, lazy break.

Meanwhile, it rained SO MUCH, that I already had to go and prune the itty bitty tomato plants. They were starting to grow a little fungus, because that's what happens when you have warm, wet weather. Also, I made Troy go out back with me to see all the plants that I am super proud of. And this year we have gooseberries! I've never had one before, so I'm excited to try. What else, what else...

I've been interviewing for a few different jobs. The first order of business after getting officially hired will be to hire a house cleaning service for every other week. It's happening guys. I can't keep the house in tip top shape because my dumb body doesn't like household chores. My body doesn't like to bend. It gets SUPER angry. And almost all the chores around the house involve bending! Loading dishwasher, bend. Cleaning toilet, bend. Mopping, bend. Vacuuming, bend. Laundry, so much bend! And I can do a little bending. It's just that I can only do so much, and I prefer to save my bends for the garden, therefore, maid service!

The kids will also have to step it up a little bit around the house. They will have to get dinner prepped and started. They'll have to keep up with their chores, and their activities. They're just going to have to take their responsibilities seriously. I mean, there's not an overly excessive amount of things they need to do... but putting your shoes in your bedroom is required. I know it's asking a lot, but I feel confident that they will figure it out. 

May 18, 2019

Are you tired of hearing about my garden yet? Because I still wanna talk about it all the time.... yep, I'm that girl.

The weather here has been crazy the last two days. Everyone FEELS it in their sinuses. I, of course, just took some Sudafed and went on with my day. I also managed to finish clearing the last garden bed in the front. We have this weird corner on our property, where our fence, and the neighbor's fence, meet in maybe a 30° angle. And this triangle of doom gets overgrown with black eyed susan, bee balm, and SO. MUCH. MINT. Ugh, I loathe mint. I mean, I like it just fine as a flavoring for ice cream and chewing gum, but the plant is rather invasive.

And THEN, in the middle of the bermuda triangle, is a flowering plum. Which is okay, as far as trees go. It certainly wouldn't be my first pick, but hey... it came with the house. I did prune it quite heavily back in February. The poor tree had been pruned badly, and I did as much correcting as I could for this year. I always go with the 30% rule when pruning trees: Never prune more than 30% of the tree, of else it goes into shock and has trouble healing. The tree looks WAY better now, but it will probably take another five years to really look good.

I also pruned the magnolia tree back then, and that thing is doing swell. Also, last year, when I was getting rid of all the little magnolia tree babies that were popping up, I took the cutting with the biggest root, and transplanted it in the flower bed near my front walk. I just crossed my fingers that I had done everything right. I kept a very close eye on the baby tree, and when winter came, I prayed that it would survive.... That baby tree has DOUBLED it's height over the last 6 weeks. It looks so good, and I just keep patting myself on the back for a job well done.

Anyways, The front planting beds have all been tended, and now I get to sit back and enjoy the results. I've actually been thinking about it, and I really don't do much weeding. I get the plant beds cleared and fed, and then I pretty much forget about them until October/November when it's time to prep the perennials for winter. I mean, if I'm outside and there is a weed, I'll pull it.. But I'm done. Really all that is left to do is mow and edge the lawn, and keep the porch clean! Really, the success of a garden boils down to  doing your homework, and figuring out what works in your climate, and then some smart planning and implementation. 

Anyhow, that's all the update I have for now. Next time, we can talk about a new drug I am experimenting with called Kratom. It's not illegal in Utah yet (not for lack of trying), and I've gotta say, so far so good. REALLY good.