February 25, 2021

Another day, another headache

My head HURTS today. 

I had a deadline this last Monday, with a presentation, and I worked HARD all weekend long, staying up late to get certain things finished on time. 

Now, you should know, I gave up Dr. Pepper. I just stopped, cold turkey, because I have no self-control, and if it is in the house I will drink it. So it's GONE *poof* and everything was going swell. 


(The dreaded until...) I was on day three of 12-15 hour work days, and I was in the middle of animating a video for the landing page of a company I work with. And my boys were going out to do something, somewhere, and I said "Hey. Will you please bring me back a Dr. Pepper?" 

Now, these cute boys were like, "Mom. You stopped drinking that. You said that we should never buy you one again." 

And I was like, "I know, but my head is killing me, and I have tons more to do, and I just need some caffeine." 

And then they said, "𝆕okay-ay𝆕" in a kinda sing-song-y type of way. 

Except then they came home. And instead of getting me ONE Dr. Pepper, they went to Sams Club and brought home AN ENTIRE CASE. 

And since I have no self-control, I chugged way, WAY too many cans of Dr. Pepper. 

So now, today, I have a headache from caffeine and sugar withdrawal, but I am POWERING THROUGH with Tylenol and LOTS and LOTS of water. 

And now I know that even when I think I could have maybe just one little sip of my favorite drink, well... I CAN'T. 

The end. 

February 24, 2021

Too tired

 I had a busy day today. Taking the kids to school in the morning eats up so much time. We have to leave the house at 7:25, and I take Blayne up to Ogden for school, then it's back to Layton to drop off Daniel and Taylor. I usually get home by about 8:20, but then I have to leave again for school pick up at 11am, 2:30 pm, and 3:30 pm. 

Plus, I had an extra unexpected errand at the dentist. I had two surface fillings break off, and one of the teeth was very sensitive to heat and cold and brushing. Anyways, I had an appointment scheduled for next week, but the office had a cancellation so I was able to get in today at 9:30am. 

Also, this is probably a little bit weird, but... I fall asleep at the dentist. I just close my eyes and manage to fall asleep with my mouth wide open being worked on. I'M JUST VERY COMFORTABLE at the dentist.\

When my dental nap was over, it was time to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy. After that, I had a weird window of time... you know the ones. It's too far to drive home and back , but it's too early to just wait for a person to be done with school for the day. At any rate, I managed to hit up the farm store and get some vegetable seeds and seed starting pots. 

While I was in the store, I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. Naturally, I did not answer. BUT I SHOULD HAVE! Because Wednesday is maid day, and they got to my house earlier than expected, and I wasn't home to let them in. So I called back, and gave the garage code. Also, I wish I would have had a maid for the last 10 years. They are so stinking amazing and thorough. I wish I would have started using a maid service sooner.

And THEN it's also my infusion day. Which I also fell asleep at. In fact, I'm falling asleep even as I type this  blog post. Infusions always make me so, so tired. 

Plus, when I got home, I needed to do chicken/animal chores, finish up dinner, clean that up, and try to work. I. AM. TIRED.

And since I've fallen asleep at the keyboard a few times now, I'm gonna sign off until tomorrow.

February 23, 2021

allergy suprise

 Man alive, have we had DEVELOPMENTS around these parts. 

First of all, THE CHILDREN ARE BACK TO SCHOOL! This is the very most exciting thing because they are OUT doing SOMETHING which they haven't DONE for a VERY LONG TIME. 


I have also been doing a lot of food experiments lately. You see, one cannot join the military if one has an anaphylactic food allergy, and one human in particular very much wants to join the Air Force. (Hooray! So proud!) Thus, we made an appointment with the immunologist to see the extent of their allergies. Good news: He can join the Air Force. He can eat lobster. Bad news: He is allergic to ALL OF THE GRAINS. All of them. Rye. Barly. Wheat. Corn. Rice. Oats.... All. Of. Them. And mollusks. Also allergic to mollusks. 

To say I have been experimenting with baking is an understatement. 



(but not really a big plot twist... kind of like an "I knew something was coming, but I thought it was something else, and whoa, that makes so much sense" kind of way)

We found out that BLAYNE is allergic to all. the. grains. AND! Yep! They are even MORE allergic to shellfish than their brother. (But we never knew, because we've been avoiding shellfish and etc. since 2005.) So now half of the children in this house cannot eat most of the commercially prepared convenient foods that make my life easy. I mean, it's not a HARD pivot, but it's definitely presented with some challenges. 

I made grain-free pasta. It was okay-ish. I have notes with improvements for next time. Because there most definitely will be a next time, because nowadays, I just get to spend all my time in the kitchen forever and ever and ever, amen. 

I also plan to make appointments for Daniel, Taylor, and myself, because if I have to change all the recipes, I'm only going to change them ONCE and FOR ALL. (I mean, not really once because it takes at least half a dozen times to get something right, which is why I need to have a definitive list of things to avoid.) 

In other news, it's beginning to warm up a bit here in Northern Utah. The days are getting longer and more chickens are laying eggs (thankfully NOT allergic to) which is fascinating to me that their egg cycle is based upon hours of light exposure. So interesting! 

I've also been dreaming of the garden. The garden plan has to change because crops need to be rotated and changed due to dietary restrictions. I even told Troy that I want to take more of the yard and turn it into a vegetable garden, but he is not on board. Ugh. I JUST WANT TO PLAY FARMER. 

We also have a house cleaning service now. I've been working a lot, especially the last few weeks, and I'm just too tired/unmotivated/drained to take care of the house. I can't do the house and the kids and the animals and the cooking and the cleaning and ALSO MY JOB THAT I WORK HARD AT. So I hired housecleaners. It has been the best thing ever, and they come on Wednesdays and I am so grateful that we are able to afford this service. I'll tell you what, my MS is progressing, and I have two spinal cord injuries that aggravate any type of bending over to clean. In all seriousness, the last time I cleaned my bathtub, I was bedridden for 2 days, which essentially undid all of my hard work. 

This brings me to my next thing: work. I have worked in marketing and communications and branding for the past decade-plus. When we decided that I should stop working as a lunch lady, because my exposure risk to covid-19 was too high, I was approached about taking on a new project. I took the job for a number of reasons but the main one was flexibility. I can work from home in pajama pants. I can work at 1am without needing a building key. It's a pretty sweet gig and I've been working on the backend for a few months now. It's always difficult to convey to clients the time and effort that goes into building a cohesive, functional website. It should be ready to launch by March 15, but I really have to WORK. It's definitely not as physically challenging as my last job, but mentally, phew, it's a little rough. OH WELL. 

Beyond that, I've got nothing to say. Happy Tuesday folks! I'm gonna have a nap!