June 14, 2016

Summer Break-down

Summer is in full swing.

I am at home, with just the girls, because the boys are all at sleep-away camps... yes, even Troy! (I know, he hates camping. Not that scout camp is the total camping experience.) At any rate, the girls and I are on our own, and it's a pretty fun situation.

We'r also dog sitting right now for our Gruncle Davis and Aunt Neicey.  (Great + Uncle = Gruncle... we stole this title from Gravity Falls, which is an awesome cartoon. There is a Gruncle Stan.) Fortunately, the dogs are VERY well trained, and especially nice. Unfortunately, we have discovered that my sweet girl Blayne, who is a DOG LOVER of MAGNIFICENT PROPORTIONS, is allergic to dogs. And so are Troy, Taylor, and Thaddeus. Not sure about Daniel, though. I myself am NOT allergic to dogs. So hardy-har-har family! Enjoy your sneezing and itching!

Today is also the start of our ANIMAL ADVENTURE for our neighborhood day camp. Last week, we focused on insects and had a fabulous time. It was a little bit crazy in the beginning, because I had to meet new parents and kids and assure them that I'm not a horrible person, which is an important piece of info to know when you're dropping your kids off at a strangers home. Luckily, it's pretty obvious that we're regular old people.

So while we're not going anywhere, we are pretty busy.

Oh! We have a garden! I've been working on it a ton too, because I NEED ALL THE VEGETABLES. I fully intend to preserve our bounty, and freeze dry some herbs as well. We're growing corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, green beans, lettuce (mixed varieties), kale (2 kinds!), cabbage (2 kids), broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, green onions, and the standard (for us) herbs: cilantro, chive, garlic,parsley, and basil. Even just typing that out makes me smile ever so much. I  have truly missed having a garden the last few seasons.

Of course, gardening in Los Alamos has a few issues that I've had to counteract. Our biggest garden threat is bunnies and deer. GUYS. THERE ARE SO MANY BUNNIES. They are everywhere, and they get into everything. We put special fencing around the garden to discourage entry. However, bunnies dig under things, so this afternoon, I'm going to bury bricks in the ground around the fence. Why bricks? Because they were free. And I guess they're technically pavers. But forget about proper names, this afternoon, Operation Bunny Prevention continues.

Speaking of local wildlife... We are currently having coyote problems on our street. There is a pack roaming about, doing coyote things. (Coyote things primarily being wandering around looking for delicious morsels to eat.) We've also had the famed Walnut Street Bear hanging around. I have yet to see a mountain lion, but I feel like this might be the year.

Anywho. I have to prepare for our summer camp kids! We are going to have some serious fun times today. ;)

May 17, 2016

Busy Little Beavers

Tonight we're having our quarterly "Come to Jesus" meeting about chores and things, on account of people being lazy slobs. Apparently, unloading the dishwasher causes actual physical pain.. and don't even get my started on the book bag, after school nonsense. (All my life, I never dropped my crap right in front of the front door. NEVER IN MY LIFE.) We have a few other items to discuss in our family business meeting as well. These include:

  • brushing your damn teeth
  • making your damn beds
  • possible summer projects (What people WANT to do, versus what I'll allow)
  • doing your chores
  • lying about doing your chores
I'm sure there will be more items added as the day goes on. After all, I can't remember everything. (I have MS) 

Meanwhile, "I have MS" has become an inside joke around here. Forgot to make dinner? Sorry... I have MS. You telephoned? Sorry... I have MS. Friends want to come inside? Can't... mom has MS. It's just the most useful phrase in the history of my life. And I know that I probably use it too much, except that it really and truly is the answer to a LOT of things, especially these days. I am having huge issues with my short term memory these days. HUGE ISSUES. Basically, I don't remember anything beyond the fact that I was supposed to remember something. I write down everything, and plug a lot of things into my calendar. If it's not on my calendar, you can be sure that I won't recall whatever it is I'm supposed to do. This is all fine and dandy, it's just a nuisance to have to take notes all the time. 

I've also acquired a few more hair clients. A gal up the street from me has been doing hair for a lot of people here in Los Alamos, but she MOVED! To an entirely different state! And she asked me if I wanted her clients, and I said yes, so I've been booking a lot of services. It's a pretty sweet deal. Not sweet is the beauty supply being an hour away, especially because I don't have a ton of color on hand. (I mean, I have color, but not exactly the colors I need.) So if I need a particular hair color, I have to drive down to get it. And yes, I could order it online, but I like to see the colors in person. Plus, I love the beauty supply. I could spend all day in there. 

I'm also in the midst of planning our Summer Day Camps. I have so many fun ideas that I need to narrow it down, figure out the timing of the activities, and also get all the items I need for that particular week. And I need to collect some things, instead of tossing them out. For example, gallon milk cartons. I need some to make helmets... for knights. And I need 2 liter soda bottles to make some terrariums. I'm kinda big on re-purposing things, so it will be fun to see what I eventually come up with! 

Ooh! And LAST week, I pulled ALL THE WEEDS from our garden area. My backyard is split right in half, and WAS a garden area once upon a time. But it was overgrown with weeds, and there was nasty old mulch everywhere. As I was pulling weeds, I noticed that in the mulch was. . . TERMITES! So many termites, so much mulch. It was pretty dang gross. So I decided that we don't need this disgusting old mulch, and I raked it all up and bagged it, along with my weeds. The birds were pretty happy with me, because they got to eat a whole lot of bugs. 

I've also got my seeds started. They're in the house, in the window, sprouting away. I think in another week or so, I'll be able to transfer them to the ground. This Saturday we're going to till up the garden area and place some stakes and chicken wire around to keep out our bunny friends. 

This is also our last FULL WEEK of school. The kids have field trips just about every day this week, which is super duper exciting. Next week, we have half days every day. There are award breakfasts, and 6th grade graduations, and ALL THAT JAZZ. Life is so exciting.