January 21, 2015

Keeping my dentist in business

So I got to hang out with the dentist again today.

My mouth has been KILLING me since my root-canal-turned-extraction last week, and the pain has been getting progressively worse. Which, you know, is exactly the opposite of what is supposed to happen. Meanwhile, I had taken all my prescription pain pills, and I needed more. (All joking aside, my mouth has been hurting so much that I haven't been able to eat or anything.) At any rate, I called the dentist, and asked for a new script, so I can get more delicious narcotics... Which prompted them to invite me back to the office for an immediate look-sie. Turns out, I'm not crazy or dramatic! (I always feel so good when there is an actual problem with me. Is that weird?) I have a massive infection at the site of the extraction, which is why my mouth hurts and hasn't been healing.

The dentist cleaned out the socket and packed some medicine in, then wrote me two brand spanking new prescriptions. And now I'm back home, drugged up, and feeling lovely. It really is the little things guys.

I do miss food, though. It hurts to chew, and I keep getting food stuffs stuck in the gaping whole in my mouth. Plus, Troy made dinner tonight and it smelled so good!

Meanwhile, I have the worst case of chapped lips I've ever had in my life! Serious cracking and bleeding. I've resorted to using a steroid ointment, because it's the only thing that has helped my skin to heal. I can't decide if my lips are indicative of another problem though. Do I have chapped lips because I have chapped lips? Or do I have chapped lips because I'm about to have some sort of relapse? Or is this a new side effect because I have an infection in my body? I mean, I want to think that my peeling lips aren't related to anything else, but with my history, I know better. In fact, since I'm going to be taking antibiotics for the next week, I'm thinking that my chapped lips will magically clear up. It's just a hunch I have.

And now I am going to log off and read my book until I go cross-eyed.

January 16, 2015

Best Laid Plans

Was at the dentist again this morning. It started out as a root canal, but my tooth had calcified, so after a consultation with an endodontist, which included the sharing of my millions of x-rays, it was decided that it would be better to just get rid of the tooth. I have to go back again next week to get my exposed teeth roots patched. My life is just so dang exciting guys.

Also, we got a new-to-us car. It gets WAY better gas mileage than the jeep and my yukon. It's a cute, little chevy malibu that's a deep blue. We bought it from a gal that works with Troy, and she has taken excellent care of her vehicle. It even has brand new tires. We feel pretty lucky that we got to purchase it. (And she gave us a GREAT deal.)

Of course, this means that we now have three cars, which is entirely too many. I think we should sell the jeep, but Troy wants to keep it for the kids... Who won't be old enough to drive for a few more years.

The kids are definitely growing up though. Thaddeus is registering for middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL. That is crazy. I have very distinct memories from when I was that age, and it is blowing my mind that I now have a child who is that old. I sense major shenanigans in our future.

Also, also, my family is having a reunion this summer, so we get to head out west for a little while. We're pretty excited, and are trying to decide how we want to work this. I'm thinking the kids and I will drive out as soon as school lets out, and we can be in Arizona for a while, and Troy will just fly in and out. We need to work out the details and such, because we have a lot of places to go, and people to see. Also, there will be LOTS of pictures with both sides of the family. However it all works out will be fun. Plus, since we'll be in the land of the swimming pools, I think I'll sign up the kids for lessons and stuff. We could all stand to be better swimmers.