July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014

Blayne will be home in a week. I can't wait for her to be back. The house just has a different vibe without her. It's nice that the kids get the chance to visit places on their own though. It helps them figure out who they are individually. 

Meanwhile, I need to start packing. I have the boxes out, I just haven't packed anything in them. Of course, I'm very good at moving, so I don't need much time, I just don't have any energy to actually DO the packing. Also, we moved up our move-in date. Which means we shall be moving in three weeks. We're actually going to be moving while the kiddos are at camp, so they'll leave one house, and come home to another. This has pros and cons, the pros being they are out of the way, the cons being, they're old enough and strong enough to move boxes, but they won't be available. I'm going to do my darnedest to NOT be a mover, but that has never really worked out in the past. 

Also, in three weeks, we'll have pool access, and we will have to swim every day to make up for lost time. There is also a gym, which is super exciting for me, because I have wanted a gym membership forever, but there is not one anywhere near us. I am very excited at the prospect of weight machines and treadmills. 

In non-moving news, I'm still a little more "meh" than I'd like to be. In fact, just a few minutes ago, I took a muscle relaxer, plus a migraine pill, plus one of my nerve pills. I would like my brain and body to go comfortably numb, but it's not really looking too good at this point. What can I say, summer in Virginia is not my favorite. 

I AM going to try and finish up my last class real quick. It's my last class of the semester, and if I finish it quick, then I can relax about my school work until the kids go back. It's hard to do homework with the kids at home. We all distract each other. 

Speaking of distractions... at cub scouts tonight, the boys learned to play four square. Now, I have been trying to get my kids to play four square for AGES. It was one of my favorite games to play at recess, the other favorites being tether ball and wall ball. At any rate, the boys came home, and were telling me how fun it was, and explaining all the rules to me. I said, "I know! I love four square!" and Daniel asked me if that was the game I was trying to have them play all the time, and did I have the same rules. I said yes, that's exactly the same way I played four square, and he says, "Oh, I thought YOUR four square was more boring. That's why I didn't want to play. I didn't know it was the same as the BOY SCOUTS four square!" 

You see? This is why it's nice for them to have boy scouts and activity days. When other people suggest things, my children get excited and think the activities are cool. Also, we will be having a four square tournament. 

And since it's pioneer day, we will be cooking outside with a fire. I don't know what we're going to cook yet, but it will probably be something really exciting... like hot dogs. Although, pioneers didn't really have hot dogs, so we might have to not eat those. And now that I think about it, I don't know that I want to do a fire. That's it, we're just going to have bean soup and cornbread. Because that's the easiest option, and I don't know if you heard, but I'm moving and slightly sickly, so easy always wins. 

July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014

We have a place to move. We found a three bedroom apartment "in town". It will be fabulous because A) less space = less cleaning B) it's on the ground floor. Absolutely no steps for carrying in groceries. C) no maintenance and D) we'll save roughly $600 a month. Which will be super helpful with all the things in life. We're trying to figure out what to do with our lawnmower though. Troy wants to keep it, but there is no where for it to go. However, since I am firmly in the "just sell it" camp, it's up to Troy to figure out what to do with it. I did suggest that he ask some friends who have space to store it/use it for the next year or so.

Meanwhile, I have been taking it easy this week. I've mostly been reading and laying about like a big slob. In my defense, I am feeling rather nerve-y these days. Oh well, what can you do?

Also: we made cream puffs today. I knew my kids would just love them, and they're one of those desserts that seem really fancy, but are really easy to make. So we have a container full of vanilla cream puffs, and all the children are thrilled and impressed. My kids think I'm the best cooker in the whole world! Seriously though, we have full on conversations about who would make what better... Daniel, who is all about comparisons, always asks me "Who would make this dinner better... you or Bobby Flay?" It's sweet and endearing.

Now, as I've said, I've been reading a lot lately. I just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It was pretty good, but it wasn't quite enough for me. I don't know how to explain it better than that. It was just okay, that's all. But it was okay enough that I'm interested in reading her other books.

I've also read Incarceron (loved it) by Catherine Fisher, and I need to get the sequel sent to the library by me. I also read The Passage by Justin Cronin, and The Twelve. I enjoyed those very much. I re-read The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Again, not really my kind of book. Generally, I like anything about vampires, especially when the writer uses historical events and puts a spin on the story. But I had to suffer through that book... and I do mean suffer. I was SO GLAD when I finished, and also mad at myself because I believe this is the third time I've been really excited to pick up this great book in the library, and then I get home and turn to page one, and discover my error. I know most people would just not read the book, but I can't not finish a book that I've cracked open and begun. I just can't! So I suffer through the story as best I can and try not to roll my eyes out of their sockets.

Other books I've enjoyed this summer: The Rule of Four by Dustin Thomason and Ian Caldwell, Seraphina by Rachel Hartman, The Sphere of Secrets, also by Catherine Fisher, and a few others that I can't really remember right now. I started a new book today, and it's about Faeries, and I LIKE IT because I really, really want to live in a world where faeries exist and trolls are real.

And on that wonderful note, I'm out.

July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014

So I've been having MS issues the last few weeks. It always makes life so exciting. I have some spasticity in my legs, particularly in my calves. It made walking pretty interesting. In fact, at church on Sunday, I changed from my heels into slip on tennis shoes, because I was in so much pain. The spasticity has also taken root in my forearms and now my lower back. I've started some new medications to help keep things under control, and I'll begin physical therapy pretty soon. I ALSO get to get fitted for a cane. You know, so I don't fall down so much. At this point, the cane would be to help me with balance more than weakness, so it's not an emergency, but it would be super helpful. I'm also getting the paperwork for my handicap parking plates filled out, which means I will always have a great parking spot from henceforth and forever.

In other news, we're moving. The where is still to be determined, but we put our notice in to vacate this house. It just costs way too much every month. 

I've also started crocheting. It really helps to calm the tremors in my hands. Back when I had a piano, I would play scales for an hour or two every day, however, since we didn't bring the piano when we moved to King William, I haven't had anything for my hands to do. When my mom was here for Daniel's baptism, I asked her to show me some basic stitches, and now I'm crocheting all sorts of things. I do the usual hot pads and dishcloths, but I've also made a purse for Taylor, a tablet case for Thaddeus, and a rhinoceros for Daniel. I'm going to make Blayne something before she gets home, but I haven't decided on what. I know she'd love a puppy, but I don't necessarily think she needs another stuffed dog. 

Beyond that, our summer is pretty low key. We're still working on our cub scout stuff. Last week, we started on artist. The kids mixed paint and learned about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. We also visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and did their scavenger hunt. It was nice, because that made sure the kids visited the exhibits and really looked at the pieces.  We'll be finishing up a few more pieces for our portfolios, then we'll be moving on to our scientist badge. I tell you what, if your kids are bored and you need something to do, the Webelos cub scout book is the way to go. Just follow along and you'll be busy little beavers.