September 1, 2014

Back in Business

Oh my life, we are *thisclose* to being back to normal.

We are officially moved and settled in. I still have a few things I'd like to organize better, but we are not living amid boxes. And after tomorrow, the house will be even MORE picked up, because all the school supply paraphernalia will be gone.

Now for updates:


The kids had a fabulous time. They went swimming and stayed up late and made lots of friends. They have already requested to go next year, so it's pretty safe to assume they had fun. Also, since it's a camp for kids who have parents with MS, they had like, baby support groups... but with fun. Thaddeus said it was really neat to meet other kids with Moms and Dads that have MS, because they know just what his life is like. And the kids LOVED their C-I-T's (counselor's in training).

I also heard all about a relay race they had, where the kids had to experience the different symptoms of MS while running back and forth. For blurred vision, they had to wear scratched up goggles. And they got spun around a lot to experience dizziness. Another symptom is the "drop foot"; for that one, the kids wore a flipper on one foot. Taylor said the flipper was so hard! Of course, while they are telling me this, they are pantomiming the relay race and giving me a full play by play. I asked if anyone did all those things together, and their mouths hung open at the thought. I told them that on a good day, I'll only have one or two symptoms like that, but sometimes, I have all those things going on at once... plus even more! It suddenly made sense to them why, when we go grocery shopping, I get to push the cart, because I need the stability.


Yes, that's right. I have a new job. I shall be teaching the junior class at the Kimber Academy. It's a faith based private school that focuses on God, Family, and Country. There's some things I really like, and some that are not quite my cup of tea. All politics aside, I'm excited to be there, and can't wait to get to know all the kids in my class!


We are no longer in a branch. We are in the Chickahominy Ward. Our building has actual pews in the chapel. And a gymnasium! With wooden floors! And our building is only 10 minutes away! We are super excited about all of that.


Well, there's just a whole lot going on... I hereby promise to update the blog more regularly. Which will be much easier because WE HAVE GOOD INTERNET!  GUYS: we are back in business around here. No data limits. No signal problems. It. Is. Glorious.

But for now, I have to go to bed, because I have SCHOOL tomorrow. Yikes!

August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Life around here is crazy. We'll be moving in 11 days, and I have yet to pack a single box. I'm not too worried, because I'm really a very efficient mover, it's just the point. I HAVE been prepping for a yard sale this weekend though, so I have been cleaning and purging, which is a step in the right directions.

We also discovered that Taylor has LYME DISEASE. Because our life always needs a bit more excitement. At any rate, she is on a high dose antibiotic, and we are to watch her like a hawk for any worsening or changes in her skin.

Also, we went to our new ward yesterday. Troy's parents were here, and their flight home left during the middle of our normal church service. We looked up when the new ward meets, and found that it started at 1pm, so we decided to head over there after dropping them off at the airport. Everyone was quite lovely, and my kids were quick to point out all the differences between the two church buildings. (This one had pews in the chapel! And they didn't even move! And they have a real basketball court! And a primary room!) Needless to say, everyone was excited.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to finish up my last class of the semester. I want to do it as fast as I can, then cancel our horrible satellite internet service. When Troy's home, we use his phone as a mobile hotspot, because it works WAY better than our standard service... which is pretty sad, if you ask me.

OH! And Blayne is home! She had a fabulous time in Arizona, but she missed us a lot. She got to visit all of her cousins on both sides of the family. She also went on an LDS temple tour. She even brought back a small chunk of rock that was used to build the St. George, Utah temple. She also went to Walt Disney World and got her princess on. I'm sure I'll hear all about it in the coming weeks, but for now, she's staying glued to her siblings. I don't think she quite knew what to do without them!

Other than that, it's same old, same old around here. Bills, laundry, and dinner. That is my life.

July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014

Blayne will be home in a week. I can't wait for her to be back. The house just has a different vibe without her. It's nice that the kids get the chance to visit places on their own though. It helps them figure out who they are individually. 

Meanwhile, I need to start packing. I have the boxes out, I just haven't packed anything in them. Of course, I'm very good at moving, so I don't need much time, I just don't have any energy to actually DO the packing. Also, we moved up our move-in date. Which means we shall be moving in three weeks. We're actually going to be moving while the kiddos are at camp, so they'll leave one house, and come home to another. This has pros and cons, the pros being they are out of the way, the cons being, they're old enough and strong enough to move boxes, but they won't be available. I'm going to do my darnedest to NOT be a mover, but that has never really worked out in the past. 

Also, in three weeks, we'll have pool access, and we will have to swim every day to make up for lost time. There is also a gym, which is super exciting for me, because I have wanted a gym membership forever, but there is not one anywhere near us. I am very excited at the prospect of weight machines and treadmills. 

In non-moving news, I'm still a little more "meh" than I'd like to be. In fact, just a few minutes ago, I took a muscle relaxer, plus a migraine pill, plus one of my nerve pills. I would like my brain and body to go comfortably numb, but it's not really looking too good at this point. What can I say, summer in Virginia is not my favorite. 

I AM going to try and finish up my last class real quick. It's my last class of the semester, and if I finish it quick, then I can relax about my school work until the kids go back. It's hard to do homework with the kids at home. We all distract each other. 

Speaking of distractions... at cub scouts tonight, the boys learned to play four square. Now, I have been trying to get my kids to play four square for AGES. It was one of my favorite games to play at recess, the other favorites being tether ball and wall ball. At any rate, the boys came home, and were telling me how fun it was, and explaining all the rules to me. I said, "I know! I love four square!" and Daniel asked me if that was the game I was trying to have them play all the time, and did I have the same rules. I said yes, that's exactly the same way I played four square, and he says, "Oh, I thought YOUR four square was more boring. That's why I didn't want to play. I didn't know it was the same as the BOY SCOUTS four square!" 

You see? This is why it's nice for them to have boy scouts and activity days. When other people suggest things, my children get excited and think the activities are cool. Also, we will be having a four square tournament. 

And since it's pioneer day, we will be cooking outside with a fire. I don't know what we're going to cook yet, but it will probably be something really exciting... like hot dogs. Although, pioneers didn't really have hot dogs, so we might have to not eat those. And now that I think about it, I don't know that I want to do a fire. That's it, we're just going to have bean soup and cornbread. Because that's the easiest option, and I don't know if you heard, but I'm moving and slightly sickly, so easy always wins.