April 15, 2016

Planning all the Plans

I'm making BIG PLANS for summer. And by BIG PLANS I mean I'm running a series of summer day camps.... eight weeks of day camps actually. The camps are only 2 days a week, so it's like, no big deal. Plus, I've done all these things with my own kids for years and years and years, so I might as well let other little people enjoy my shenanigans. I'm also going to do preschool in the fall. I've been gathering all my teaching supplies and curriculum, and I'm pretty jazzed about it all. Plus, I get to determine my own hours, so it's a magnificent plan for me. 

The kids have been super busy, as usual. With the year end creeping up on us, the kids have been reading as fast as they can, because they're trying to complete the school reading challenge. We also have field trips and band concerts and cub scouts and activity days and so on and so forth. I am constantly checking and rechecking my planner and calendar to make sure I haven't missed anything. 

Speaking of re-checks, I'm having another biopsy of my thyroid. It's gotten bigger in width and volume, despite being on thyroid medicine, so they need to take some more samples and look at everything all over again. More than anything else, it's super annoying. Oh well. 

I have also started running! And when I refer to running, I refer to any and all movement that is not walking, because I run exceedingly slow. I'd be embarrassed, but I'm too proud of myself to care what anyone else might think. 

Meanwhile, we are taking turns having some nasty flu-like bug that gives us the throw-ups. I am SO OVER the vomiting. I'm *thisclose* to putting people on a diet of broth for the next 7 days. Also, so much laundry! I have trouble keeping up on the best of days, let alone with sick people in the house. 

March 17, 2016

Fast as you can

Life is crazy. As usual. I really need to learn how to function within the limits of this new crazy, because I don't think things are going to slow down anytime soon. Such is life. (I really miss little kids that don't have friends and schedules and homework)

TAYLOR UPDATE: Taylor told me that she wants to be a celebrity when she grows up. She is pursuing this by participating in the local children's theater. She's a hyena in their Lion King production that will hit the stage at the end of April. (Thankfully, it's a way pared down version, and they don't even have to wear costumes... but she still has rehearsals pretty regularly.) Third grade is treating her pretty well. She has lots of friends and all the teachers love her. She would like to ride her bike to school every day, except that she's not strong enough to take her bike up and down the stairs. Twenty five steps up and down, hauling a bike, is just a little too much work for this shortie.

DANIEL UPDATE: Daniel has been doing pretty good. He just completed all the requirements for the Bear badge for cub scouts. We're not sure if he'll get his badge at tonight's pack meeting, or at the next one. Either way, we are just glad that we finished before his birthday. Now he's itching to move up to Webelos, but I assured him that that would not be happening until May. Waiting is hard.

Daniel had a pretty spectacular wipe out on his bike a couple of days ago. The kids love riding their bikes into town to the library. (They like to log on to the computers and play games.) Anyways, on his ride home, as he was coming down the hill, he hit something and flew over the handlebars. He skinned both elbows, his knees, his chin... everywhere. His pants ripped, along with a big chunk of his skin. Then to make matters worse, I had to clean him up. I was literally pulling gravel out of his body. I also had to cut off a big chunk of knee skin that was hanging on by a thread. It was gross and traumatic.

BLAYNE UPDATE: Blayne has been plodding along. She has two really good friends at school that she loves to hang out with. In the ward talent show, she played a trumpet solo. It was really great! She also has been drawing a lot lately. She's been really practicing her manga characters, and I have to say, I am really impressed! She also has an art piece on display at the library right now in their upstairs gallery. She's also been sewing stuffies for her friends. She's been stitching them all by hand and everything.

As for school, she is now officially in the GATE program, gifted and talented education.  She tested, and qualified as gifted in creativity, which is rare. I guess most people test gifted in math or language arts, not in creativity.  The GATE teacher loves it, because Blayne's brain connects with material in a totally unique way.

THADDEUS UPDATE: Thaddeus is registering for middle school, which is totally impossible, because I'm pretty sure he's still a baby. Otherwise, I'm an old fart, so we're going to pretend I still have MY youth, and not A youth.

Thaddeus rides his bike everywhere all the time. He rides in to town at least three times a week, and has established himself as the top dog on the block. He is so danged bossy... and he's really good at persuading people to do what he wants to do. He doesn't even know that he's doing it half the time! That's what's so funny. He just assumes everybody wants what he wants, and he can't fathom why anyone would want anything differently. Of course, this has led to a few issues between he and myself... Mostly it ends with me saying: "YOU are NOT the ADULT!" And then we both have to stomp away from each other. It's pretty entertaining, you know, if you're into that whole screaming/crying thing.

And on that note, I have to jet off to the 3rd and 4th grade musical performance! (My mantra = Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!)