December 12, 2011


I've been listening to Christmas music a lot. I like Christmas music, and it's hard to find it in Virginia. This is because the radio stations in Virginia are stinky. There, I said it. YOU STINK RADIO STATIONS.

Most of the stations are talk radio. Even on the FM. Which, as we all know, is the MUSIC frequency. Talk radio belongs on the AM.

And THEN, the FM stations have the gall to mostly play the same kinds of music. Which is lame. It's not uncommon to switch between radio stations, and hear the same song. Three times in a row. It's obnoxious.

Mostly, I just miss hearing alternative music from the late 90's. There. I said it. I want some Smashing Pumpkins. I need Nirvana. 311. Silverchair. Pearl Jam. Cake.

I would also like there to be an "oldies" station. Beach Boys. Chicago. The Carpenters. Carole King. And also with a little doo-wop and big band thrown in.

And there should be an all-musical-all-the-time station.

I realize that I could probably have all those things and more if I subscribed to some kind of fancy satellite radio thing. But then I would have to subscribe to some fancy satellite radio thing, and I just don't use my car enough to justify that.

Fun fact: I filled up my tank 4 weeks ago, and I still have a just under a quarter of a tank left. I drive to church, and the pharmacy. And that's about it. Sometimes, I even make my kids walk to the grocery store and then carry bags of groceries home. In their arms. Uphill. In the snow. Both ways.