November 22, 2011

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

paper plate turkey craft final

We made paper plate turkeys in preschool today, because A) I had paper plates and B) it’s Thanksgiving week.  (What do we do with turkeys? We EAT THEM!… There’s a reason I’m not a real teacher.)

paper plate turkey craft step one

You start by drawing a turkey-ish shaped kind of body. It pretty much looks like a head and shoulders.

You are going to CUT on the solid lines, and FOLD on the dotted lines.  I recommend using an exacto knife for the cutting, because if you use scissors, you get a big hole and jagged tear, and then your paper plate turkey looks like it was eaten by the shredder. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

paper plate turkey craft step two

This is what it should look like when you have CUT and FOLDED the right way.

Then you pretty much just decorate the turkey. The half of the paper plate that was not cut is going to be the tail feathers. So make them pretty. Or not…. it’s your turkey.

paper plate turkey craft

We used a little bit of glue to stick the turkey body to the turkey tail. But you don’t have to. I know how you like to make your own rules and all.

But there you  have it: your very own Paper Plate Turkey.

paper plate turkey craft final

Gobble Gobble.


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