April 14, 2009

The All Knowing MomBabe:Part Two

Part One here found here.
Anonymous said...
How do you keep your kids in the house when you step out of the room? Really I felt like I had to keep the kids on a leash when I showered because they would leave the front door wide open and wander if I did not have a stern eye one them at ALL TIMES.

That's easy. I don't shower. Okay, not really. But I HAVE put them in their rooms and locked the door. And less you think they have never escaped, may I remind you of this? Actually, my biggest fear is that they'll let someone in the house while I'm naked in the shower. BECAUSE THEY'VE TOTALLY DONE THAT BEFORE. THRICE. But pretty much, this is my typical day. Sigh. Please call before you come to my house m'kay?

heather said...


you could tell us how your birthday went.

you could give us your top ten parenting tips or your top tens of other stuff.

i duuno. i can hardly think of my own posts anymore. my brain has a glitch i'm afraid.
Well, my birthday was awesome because for the first time in years I got new underwear. And get this, they're Not. Even. Maternity. AWE-some.

And now I'm going to share the best kept parenting secret. Baby wipes and baby powder are your BEST FRIENDS. Because when you have a day days like the ones above, and you are a big smelly rat with greasy hair, you take some baby wipes, have yourself a quasi-shower, then you apply baby powder to the armpits and the hair, do a quick blow dry, and you're out the door and *technically* clean in 3 minutes or less. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Lauren in GA said...

If you could pick a church calling what would it be?
The one I have now. Enrichment leader. It's way super fun. Or Primary Chorister. Doesn't everyone want to be the Primary Chorister? You sing and play games for two hours! That's awesome.

Brenda said...

I love your shortlings names. How did you come up with their names? Did DadGuy help? Or was it all you? That's 3 questions. 3 easy questions.
We came up with names like this.

me - "I like Blayne."
DadGuy - "Well... I don't know......"
me - "I grew fingernails today. What did you do?"
DadGuy - ....flabbergasted....

Actually, Daniel was the hardest person to name. Because he was going to be Ezra. Except then he was borned and he looked like a Danny. (For the record. DadGuy thought we should name him TODD. So we would have a TAD and a TODD. Like, srsly.)

Karen said... 7

If you could relive one AMAZING time in your life, what would it be?

Honestly, I'm really liking THIS season of my life. My kids are a good age, I'm in a good place.... I would love it to be like this forever.

Laurie said...

What are your other interests, besides the obvious - blogging, babies, etc.?

Well. I didn't realize it was so OBVIOUS that I liked blogging. Hmph. Seriously though, I like to read and write, I'm really into music (Virginia has sad radio choices.) and theater. I love being outside: hiking, camping, biking, boating. Honestly, I really like to do anything and everything. I don't have time for everything just now, but I'd like to do EVERYTHING.

Right now, I'm teaching myself to bake. I can cook like nobody's business, but making things with yeast? I'm working on it. I really think you should always be learning.

lindser-lou said...

what is something that you do now as a mom, that you promised yourself you'd never do?

Well. My own mother was pretty stinking amazing. I don't think there was anything that she did that I vowed to never do. In fact, if I can be half as good as she was, my kids will turn out pretty amazing. I do shout a little bit too much. I'm working on it.

Mel said...

Ummm...I remembered it was your birthday I swear I even had it go off yesterday morning on my cell but I never got to get on the computer and send you an email. I guess I could've called too. I'm a loser. Happy belated birthday!

My question is: Do you hate me? :) (lame question but Kimber is crying to get on the computer)
Silly Melissa. I could never hate you. Are you in DC yet? I'm dying to see your cute face. ♥'s

Shelby Lou said...

If today were the last day of your life, what would you do?

I would go on a picnic with my family. We would fly kites and play until we were exhausted. Then we would come home and get cleaned up. Then I would put everyone in their jammies, make some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch, and we would fall asleep watching some Disney something.

Kimberly said...

Why is your header picture such a sad face?

Umm.... It's not. That's just my regular face. I was trying to get a picture of my hair but if I look at the camera my eyeball gets all squinted up and I look like a drunken idiot. Therefore, I look down and away. But I'm not sad.

Laurie said... 27

How many words do you type per minute? Because if it's like 2, that would make me appreciate your blog even more (if that were possible)! I highly doubt that anyone could take a whole minute to type 2 words, but you never know...

currently, 56 words a minute. When my nails are shorter, I'm faster. But I'd rather have long pretty nails and a slower typing speed. Sheesh, it's not like I'm a secretary.

Part three coming soon. And some of the questions deserve a post all on their own. So thank you. You really got me thinking.

And head over to my review blog. There's a new FHE tool that you and your shortlings will love!