April 14, 2009


Ahh, Monday nights. Even though I know they're coming, they still have the ability to catch me by surprise. After dinner dishes are done, I start scrambling for *something*anything* that I can use for a Family Home Evening lesson. Which is why I was super excited when I heard about the new FHE on DVD series.

FHE on DVD came about when Ernie Harker and Tim White were trying to figure out how to keep their little ones interested, while teaching a gospel lesson. That's when they struck gold and came up with the idea of putting an entire Family Home Evening lesson right onto a DVD.

Each DVD has a the same outline:

FHEonDVD Outline:


Every family home evening needs a conductor. When the conductor has the remote control, select the continue button.
Opening Song

Choose an opening song to sing. Each song is selected from the Primary Childrens Song Book or Hymn book. Music, words and visual cues help everyone to sing along.
Opening Prayer

FHE on DVD automatically pauses indefinately after inviting the conductor to choose someone to offer an opening prayer. Select the continue button after the prayer.

Each narrated lesson is 3-6 minutes long. The principles are taught clearly using simple terms and attractive illustrations.

Most lessons use powerful examples from the scriptures as part of the lesson.
Scripture Search

FHE on DVD asks you to look up a scripture and discuss it as a family. This is a great time to share your feelings about the scripture and teach from the heart. The DVD waits indefinately for you to finish. Then select continue.
Whole Family

The lesson comes to life with an animated story of Mariah, Ben or the whole family demonstrating the principle being taught. Children want to watch FHE on DVD over and over again just to see the animated story.

Now that you have your childrens undivided attention, the DVD invites the conductor to choose someone in the family to share their feelings about the topic of the lesson. (How often do YOU get to bear testimony to your children?)

Each time you play the DVD you are asked different questions. The DVD randomly selects 5 questions about the lesson and story from a pool of 15 questions. These questions make sure your children have been paying attention.
Closing Song

Choose a closing song just like at the beginning. Remember, the music and lyrics are automatically provided. If you can’t read the words, the illustrations will help you along.
Closing Prayer

The conductor choses someone to offer a closing prayer. Don’t forget to bless the refreshments (the only thing not included.)

My favorite part of the DVD is the opening and closing songs. You get to choose a song, and then the words pop up at the bottom of the screen with coordinating pictures. It makes it easy for us all to sing along without fighting over any hymnbooks.

The other thing I like is that it will play over and over again. And since the kids are in control, they WANT to watch it over and over again.

So, make your Monday nights fun and easy, order your copy of FHE on DVD today.

I give the series two thumbs way, way up.