May 13, 2021

Life Updates 2.0

I am tired. I am really, REALLY tired. Of everything. Of nothing. Life has just been A LOT, and whenever I think I have one part figured out, then a new issue jumps the line, begging for attention. 

And I'm just DONE. 

Currently keeping me awake at night are worries about whether or not to vaccinate Blayne for COVID. (I'm vaccinated. So is Troy. And Thaddeus) Because on the one hand YES! Vaccines! Hooray! But on the other hand: covid psychosis. Because people with a history of certain things (hello hallucinations) have a higher risk of triggering a very scary and severe psychosis. 

Another thing keeping me awake is Taylor, who has developed a tic. Which is going to be a fun rabbit hole of a health history deep dive, to try and figure out what the underlying cause is. Is this because she was born 8 weeks prematurely? Maybe it's her history of strep. There's also the autoimmune factor. But what if it's an allergy? Or maybe this is because she had Lyme disease when we lived in Virginia. Or maybe it's because of her chronic kidney disease. What if she's allergic to all the grains too? Maybe she has inherited my MS. Maybe it's all of those. Maybe it's none of those. 

And while we're at it, let's add in an existential crisis wherein I am trying so, so hard to grapple with faith and humanity and am continually, but unsurprisingly, disappointed in both. 

Oh, and let's not forget to mention that Thaddeus moved out.  Because of COURSE he did. He is officially an emancipated minor and wants to succeed in life, on his own, without anybody's help.  Naturally, that relationship has changed and we now have Thaddeus over for Sunday night dinner and games, and he sometimes visits during the week. 

Also, school will be out soon, and we have been figuring out our summer schedules. Blayne, Daniel, and Taylor are all taking summer school to get a few more credits under their belts. Plus, they would prefer to do PE/Fit for Life classes at home, instead of at school, and I can't say I blame them. 

Meanwhile, I'm just working a ton and trying to keep clients happy. The garden is going great. The chickens are fine. (Dottie has gone broody TWICE though. I swear if she does it a third time, she will have to go live somewhere else.) We've also been keeping track of our passport applications, and the CDC traveling requirements. We have a trip to Mexico scheduled in a couple of months, but who knows if it will be cancelled or not. LIFE IS JUST SO EXCITING.