March 8, 2021


 I am on Day Three of the COVID vaccine. I was lucky enough to get the one dose, Johnson & Johnson version. However, I began to develop a headache almost immediately after the injection. I've also been very tired and achy. Today is the worst with the muscle aches though. It hurts to stand too long or do too much. Thankfully, day three is supposed to be the worst of it, and then I'll start to feel like a regular person again. 

In other news.... the weather is warming up. There are even green things starting to poke their heads out from the ground. This is super exciting! In another 7ish weeks, it'll be warm enough to start putting things in the ground. And this year our crops are going to be a bit different on account of our new food allergies. I need to focus on growing and putting up lots of things that we CAN eat. 

It's also official that ALL the chickens are laying eggs. And we have some beautiful colored eggs, blues and greens and pinks and browns. They look happy and beautiful sitting on my counter. Except that I now have a LOT of eggs, and we really don't eat THAT many. Starting in July/August, I'll be waterglassing some of the extras. But I have a good bit of waterglassed eggs already that I need to get through before I start adding any new ones. So I'm going to be ordering egg cartons today and put out a little "for sale" notice to a local page. I don't even know how much to charge. I guess I need to figure out how much pasture-raised eggs go for. 

What else, what else... It's officially been a year of the pandemic. Oh! And today is mine and Troy's nineteenth wedding anniversary. We shall celebrate by ordering dinner from a restaurant and eating it at home with all the kids. It's a bit lame, but OH WELL. WE'RE OLD AND LAME. We'll do something fun and exciting next year.