March 21, 2022

March 21, 2022

 It's not been 9 months since I've updated the blog. Pfhht.  We have been up to the same old, same old and it is very boring. I guess in the beginning it wasn't very boring, but now we're used to all the changes so... BORED. 

Thaddeus is officially a high school graduate. He graduated a year early because he switched schools and they accepted work credits as electives, and he has been working since he was 15 so BOOM. Graduated. These days he's working a ton and fixing broken stuff all the time. My garage is a disaster. First, he had an old honda civic, then he had a truck. Now he has a motorcycle. The motorcycle doesn't work *yet* but it probably will be running sooner than later. Currently, he walks around the house in a motorcycle helmet because you have to break 'em in, especially if you have pokey-outy ears. He also moved out of the house for a bit, then realized maybe we're not so bad, so now he's back and a little bit nicer about stuff. 

Blayne is a junior and is back at a regular high school. We tried going to an alternative school for a while, but that was a little too much, so then we had to just, take a whole break from school for a few months while we focused on fixing our brain chemistry. Sorry, kiddo. After lots of come-to-Jesus talks and lots of closely monitored med adjustments, we are happy to say that Blayne is back at school (of their own volition) and it's hard some days and that's okay because we can do hard things. We can cry about it, complain about it, and hate every stinking minute, but we can do it. 

Daniel is a sophomore and is also the tallest person in the house. He is also in the process of growing a beard, but we/I would really like him to shave. I actually think his almost-beard would look better, because his facial hair is too fine, and it would look better all the same length. However, I'm just the mom so my suggestions are trash. He's doing well in school and is getting really interested in machining/manufacturing. He made a new knob for the stick shift in the Jeep. And he made a little hammer. He's actually pretty good are making things and figuring out how to get things to go together just right. 

Taylor has also been having some fun times with therapy and brain meds. Fun fact: since she was born so freaking early, she probably should have been in occupational therapy, like, all her life. But she wasn't, so now we're playing catch up, because while YOUR anxiety might make you cry, HER anxiety make her have pretty violent motor and vocal tics. (We've been to a LOT of brain people this last year.) Good news is that her tics have calmed down enough that she was able to go back to school. (Yes, we all took extended breaks from school, because I was not going to let her go to school while she was ticking so badly because kids are assholes.) ANYWAYS. Taylor is also back at school, part-time, and doing pretty well. Taylor is also in the process of maybe being diagnosed with autism, but maybe not, but she DOES have a neuro-cognitive processing disorder, and also a teeny splash of OCD/ADD. 

(Look, we just give all our money to therapists, okay? It's FINE.) And no, I won't elaborate any more than that because not really my story to tell, you know? 

I also had a job change and I'm now working for JetBlue Airlines and you guys? It kinda sucks. I mean, having a job and working from home is nice, but also not nice, because you're never NOT at work. It's a whole thing. I would tell you more about things, but I'm in the middle of an MS flare and I can't feel my bottom lips or the tip of my tongue and you guys? I WANT TO RIP MY FACE OFF. It's irritatingly painful and hurts the least if I leave my mouth open a little bit, but like, who want to sit with their mouth hanging open? WHO? The answer is nobody. 

I guess the most important familial event of the month is that Troy and I have been married for 20 years now, and that feels weird to say and I don't like it. Oh, and Troy is doing fine. Still working for the transit authority doing accounting things. That's the extent of my knowledge and interest. Do you have a job? Do you love it? No? Can you put up with it? Yes? Good. 

For real though, I'm going to go ice my face. because if more of my face is numb, it makes the MS numbness not as irritating. Again, Brains are stupid. 

The end.