August 31, 2015

Family Night

Today was very productive for me. First off, I got all of September's menu planned; we're talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The only things that aren't set in stone are the treats. (But let's face it, I usually have the ingredients to at least a few tasty things on hand.) I was thinking that I might let the kids each pick a dessert, and then we know that at least once a week, we'll have a special treat. It's kinda handy to have four kids in instances like these.

Meanwhile, the arthritis in my top-most finger joints are KILLING ME DEAD. Okay, mostly just on two fingers, but it is rather painful.

Also, since it's just about the start of a new month, I spent today updating the family wall calendar. This is a newer addition to our household, and I have to say, I am a fan. It's really nice to tell people to check the calendar. Plus, they can write in their activities, and see what projects we have going on and all that nonsense.

For dinner tonight, I had made roasted zucchini as one of our vegetables. People did NOT want to try it. (Even though, I'm pretty sure we've been through this before... Zucchini is one of my favorites, so I can't imagine I haven't served it to them before.) At any rate, I made everyone take one piece... guess what got eaten right up? That's right, the zucchini. One of these days, people are going to realize that I'm not trying to poison them. Also: Blayne said it sort-of tasted like broccoli. (Broccoli and cabbage are my go-to tastes-like vegetables, just FYI.)

Today was also Monday which means: Family Home Evening and Family Council. We went over our plans for the week, including potential gifts for a birthday party on Saturday. (We always have to go over potential gifts, because my children are exceedingly more generous than our budget allows.) Blayne had the lesson, and she chose to teach a lesson about the creation. She printed out the cutest pictures, and was being a little bit silly; for example, the picture she used for when God created animals? Was a griffin. It was great. We're just trying to get the kids more used to standing up in front of people and speaking slowly and clearly. Plus, it's good for them to have to research a topic, present it, and tell us what they learned.

Daniel was in charge of the activity, but he wanted to do things that weren't parent-approved. This was mostly on account of him wanting to go outside and roll down the grassy hills, but everyone had already had showers and was nice and clean. Also: EVERYONE in this house is allergic to grass. So instead, Troy and I looked at the clock, and we gave people 12 minutes to get their rooms cleaned. (This is a whole other situation that I'm not going to get in to... okay, maybe a little bit. Yesterday, their rooms were spotless. Today? It was like a tornado had hit. NOT COOL.) So we gave them a little bit of time to get things picked up and put away.


We taught them how to play sardines.

And since there are no lights on during the game, it was VERY HANDY DANDY that their rooms were picked up, so they wouldn't trip on anything.

The kids were a little skeptical at first, probably because I explained how to play badly, but after one round of searching for people in the dark, they were hooked! (I said it was like hide and go seek, but in reverse, and with no talking, and no lights.) Every body got to be the hider at least once, and then it was time for bed.

Well, first they had a brownie, because Taylor had made brownies for the Family Home Evening treat. (Thaddeus' job this week was music, so he had to pick an opening and closing hymn, and also conduct the music. I think my "life skill must haves" are a little more eclectic than other peoples.)