August 25, 2015

Family Band

I'm feeling wishy-washy these days, mostly on account of my currently being enrolled in school. I kinda don't want to do it. It was fun to take a class or two, but the fact of the matter is, I don't want to be a teacher with my own classroom. I kinda just want to be a sub. And that doesn't require a college degree. And if I'm being totally honest, I know that I don't want to do it, but Troy is adamant that I finish, which is why I'm wishy-washy. 

Honest to goodness though, it's basic math. I can't go to school, AND work, AND do all the mom stuff for four kids, AND do church stuff, AND do the laundry, AND have clean toilets. It's just TOO, TOO MUCH. Plus, that kind of schedule most definitely does NOT allow for any type of sick day, and you KNOW that I have a plethora of those bad boys. 

Meanwhile, mom stuff: Thaddeus is in band. Blayne is in band. Daniel is in orchestra. Taylor is in third grade and is gypped. Plus, we have cub scouts, and boy scouts, and activity days, and doctor appointments, and dentist appointments, and Blayne needs new glasses, and Daniel probably needs glasses, and YOU GUYS: IT NEVER STOPS. 

Babies were so stinking easy. They had naps. They only went to places I wanted to go to. They didn't have their own friends. Basically, I was the dictator of our happy, little planet, and time gone done and blown it up. For reals though, there are so many things to keep track of. I can't imagine how crazy it gets for families with even MORE extra-curricular activities. Meanwhile, Taylor sighs loudly and complains about the general unfairness of her life. (cry me a river girlfriend.)

But let's talk instruments. Thaddeus has decided on percussion. Which is fine and dandy. Daniel has decided on cello, on account of him being in 4th grade, and only being allowed in orchestra and not band but also: "Have you seen how big a cello is, Mom? I never even KNEWED they made cellos that big! I'll have the most hugest instrument in the whole SCHOOL!". Meanwhile, Blayne thought that all the instruments sounded good. Luckily, they had a band try-it night, where they have all the instruments for beginning band, along with actually helpful specialized music teachers. So Blayne narrowed down her picks to clarinet, trumpet, and flute. She thought she would like the clarinet the best, because she plays recorder. Nope. And the flute? Nope. Girlfriend has a set of LUNGS on her, and can blow that trumpet like nobody's business. 

Which means that after we finished renting our instruments, and buying our books, and our band shirts, we came home, and promptly proceeded to blow our trumpet and bang on our drums. (Daniel has NOT gotten his cello quite yet. Thank you Lord.) Not to be out done, though, Daniel grabbed his harmonica, and Taylor grabbed her recorder, and we had an impromptu concert! It was awful! Especially, because at this point, the only person adept at their instrument was Daniel, who was playing Amazing Grace most beautifully on his harmonica. 

Thus, we have new rules regarding SOUND. For example, no practice in front of the TV... that's ON. And we will be having assigned practice times, because I can only handle one sound at a time. 

So, fun times at my house!