September 3, 2015

on my nerves

Oh guys, I have been awake for far too long this day. I couldn't sleep, so I got up and did what I do. best. Cook and clean. (But only the very quiet sorts of cleaning and cooking.)

Also, my hair is driving me nuts. It's been driving me nuts, so I have tried a new cut (short), a new color (purple with teal streaks), and style (fauxhawk, shaved on one side, shorter bang, longer bang), and on and on. But it is just plain old ON MY LAST NERVE. I swear to you, if I didn't have such a lumpy head, I would shave it all off and call it a day.

But I also realize that it's not my HAIR that is driving me nuts, so much as MY WHOLE PERSONAGE. My finger nails bother me. My toe nails bother me.The uppermost joint on my right middle finger bothers me, along with my dumb knee, and my stupid numb middle toes. Basically, I AM DRIVING MYSELF NUTS. My nerves are shot, and I can't stand it.

Guys: I have even resorted to taking BUBBLE BATHS. (And I can hear my sisters laughing, Verity in particular, because they all know how much I detest baths and bathwater.... They are the devil.) And I don't even turn on the cold tap. Nope, none of that silly frigid stuff for me, it is straight up HOT IN HERE.

I suppose I should make a doctor's appointment, so they can up my nerve pain drugs. Which means I guess I need to find a family physician. I have my specialist appointments on the calendar at least, you know, since it takes 6 months to get in to anybody. And I'm pretty confident we can all agree that finding new physicians and surgeons is the WORST part of moving.

Did I tell you guys that Taylor is going to have surgery? I can't remember... but she is. Then I need to get Thaddeus in to get his stupid tonsils out. Ugh. Plus, my surgery can't even happen until after the holidays, because the recovery is difficult, and the list of things I shouldn't do is super fun. It's actually pretty similar to the recovery from my hysterectomy. Except that this time, all the pelvic floor organs are involved, because obviously, my body believes in sharing it's misery.

And NOW! I have to take two finals! Yay school! (not really. don't you dare actually cheer. finals are the worst.)