March 7, 2015

The Seventh

Daylight Savings time begins today. I really think it's the stupidest thing ever... oh well. Never knew how much I appreciated clocks until I left Arizona.

Meanwhile, my anniversary is tomorrow! We celebrated in advance by spring cleaning the house, and it feels Oh. So. Good. Plus, for dinner tomorrow, we are having salmon, so my day is going to be pretty awesome. And I get to speak in church tomorrow too. I'm talking all about forgiveness.

I don't know how other people handle their talk preparation, but I am a gatherer type. I get all the information I need, and the references and such. Then, I get up, and I just start speaking. When I over prepare, I rush, and speak too fast, and then I feel like I didn't perform as well as I should have. So over the years, I've found what works for me, and I go with it. I like to think it's working, because I get good feedback afterwards. At any rate, that's my fun anniversary plans.

Oh, and we're having cake. Because it's the day our family was born! So we have a family birthday party. And yes, Taylor asked me if she would be getting a present "like last time!". I  shot that right down, and let her know that having a clean and organized house is what our present is. Plus, each other. She was a little bummed, but TOO BAD SO SAD.