March 14, 2015

Missing Him

Troy is out of town.

I am tired.

I have been staying up late to just SIT and DO NOTHING, because all the live long day, it's go, go, go! Phew. I can't wait for that man to get home and take care of us. He really is a rock star dad and husband... I like him, a lot.

And I've been window shopping for houses. Things I didn't realize I needed to specify that I need: Central Air. What is up with baseboard heating and swamp coolers? GUYS: As a person with Multiple Sclerosis, I need to maintain a very specific body temperature range in order to function, and that air needs to be dry, thus, swamp coolers will never be in my future.

I also like garages, because I like to park my car in a garage. I know, we're the weirdos that only put cars in garages.

At any rate, while Troy has been gone, I have been doing house projects. This was spurred in part by the loss of our washing machine. Our stupid, stupid washing machine, that keeps dying. This time, the parts needed to fix the stupid, stupid washer would cost over $600 dollars. See? Stupid. So instead, we dumped it, and are renting a washer from our property managers. However, it's a top load, which means the dryer had to move over, which displaced our freezer, which shifted the desk, and on, and on, and on.

In fact, it turned out to be pretty sweet, because with the washer and dryer side by side, I was able to hang some brackets with a closet rod and a nice deep shelf. This means that I have a dedicated laundry space for the first time in YEARS. I did all the laundry this weekend, and I didn't even hate my life! Because it didn't go to my bedroom, or my couch, or anything! I just took it out of the dryer, folded it and put it in it's cute little places, and voila! Happy laundry!

Plus, the washing machine is brand new, but with an agitator in the middle, and it's HUGE, and I feel like the clothes are cleaner. I know, I know, everyone is supposed to go gaga over the front load high efficiency washing machines. But therein lies the problem... They don't use enough water, so sometimes, I have to wash loads twice, and the cycles take an hour or more. Which is stupid. I was switching laundry every 35 minutes, and it was MAGICAL.

And these are the things that excite me in life.

Oh! One more thing. I KILLED IT with my sacrament meeting talk. KILLED IT.

Now excuse me while I go back to my puzzle and my sweet, sweet moment of quiet.