March 4, 2015

Rad timing

It's MS Awareness week, and I feel like I should write something about it. Except that I really don't know what to say. It's like when people ask me, "So... like... what kind of symptoms do you have?"

I honest to goodness don't know how to answer that question because there are about a million variables. Also, over time, some symptoms grow from being "symptoms" into being "normal". Plus, I can never remember all the different types of problems I've had. I mean, I have a stinking health journal specifically because I can never remember when I felt bad or had a pseudo attack.... Because MS is DUMB and ANNOYING and you just DEAL WITH IT.

Meanwhile, I am having another tooth problem. To be fair, it's more of a gum problem, since the problem is the area where I USED to have a tooth, until it died in my mouth. Anyways, I have a super fun infection, and because I'm the type of person who picks at things, I can't stop rubbing my jaw, or feeling all about with my tongue. And BECAUSE I have MS, and my body doesn't heal the way you would expect it to, my initial abscessed tooth infection crap is BACK! YAY LIFE!

To recap my last few weeks:  I had problem teeth, which needed to be extracted. The exctraction sites get infected. Yay mouth! I go on antibiotics. Then I get the loveliest of lovely yeast infections. So I get some special antifungal stuff. Then, the horrible germs in my body travel down to my big toe, and decide to go crazy and have millions of little germ babies, and I go on a combo of antifungal and antibiotics. And NOW! I am back to my original problem of yucky teeth germs so I get to be on steroids again! My life is rad.