February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015

I'm up late doing super fun stuff.

Mostly, I'm helping a gal from Troy's office with her genealogy. It's pretty fun to put all the pieces together... like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Also,  I get to start physical therapy tomorrow (or today, you know, since it IS technically on this day, but I haven't gone to bed yet to finish YESterday, so... confusion abounds.) It's going to be an interesting process, I can guarantee that!

Meanwhile, I am annoyed at my library. They don't have enough books. Or they'll have the second or third book in a series, but not the first one... at ANY of the locations. It's super dumb. I've started to look around online for a free public library that I could use via  my laptop, but I haven't found an option that I like. Oh, there's TONS of libraries, it's just that I want to read lots of fantasy and science fiction and only a little smidgen of dissertations and research. (Seriously though, I generally only go to the non-fiction section when I have a specific project/question in mind.)

Anyways, after my appointment tomorrow, I'm sure I'll get a little more insight into the long-term plan for my pelvic issues. And maybe I won't need surgery after all... fingers crossed!