February 9, 2015

February 9th

Oh life. You are so cute, with the way you just keep on plugging along, doing your ting.

I have my last dentist appointment today. The teeth on the right side of my mouth are going to get patched up today, so I don't have weird hollow spots, that are prone to cavities, where my gums have receded. After that, I am DONE with the dentist for a few months. Of course, I have to see the oral surgeon to talk about the two gaping holes in my mouth where I used to have dead teeth.

Meanwhile, my sweet Blaynie-Cakes is having a hard time at school. We don't have any girls her age near us, and she feels lonely. I don't know what to tell her, because I know exactly how she feels. I didn't have good girl friends until I was in 7th grade. That's when I met the Shelley's and Kimberlyn. Then it was high school, and they went to a different school than me, so I was pretty much a loner until I started beauty school my junior year. And then, I still didn't have friends that lived near me, they all lived in different towns. I DID have some really cool guy friends. I met them because I was dating a nice guy, and he had awesome friends, and I got to be a part of their group. I love those boys. But my best girl friends were my sisters, and my cousin Alison. Anyways, I know how Blayne feels.

There IS a sweet girl in my class at school, and I think that she and Blayne would be great friends. I'm going to talk to her mom and see about setting up a play date. I realize that it's weird for a teacher to set up a play date between her own child and a student, but that's okay. The rules are a little different because we are a small private school, and parental involvement is  a cornerstone of our school, so I don't feel like it's awkward or anything./

Anyways, that's what we're up to these days. That, and stalking the airlines for cheap tickets. (I priced out how much $$ it would cost to drive across the county, and it's basically the same price as flying. $500 in gas each way, plus two nights in a hotel, and food. Plane tickets it is!)