January 26, 2015

Super Fun Time

Today my quick little check up with a doctor turned in to a "Yay! More Surgery!" appointment instead. This is what happens when your insides try to fall out to your outsides. So I get to have lots of super fun tests tomorrow, because this one little problem I have is actually more like four little problems.

And when I got home, I had a message from another one of my doctors to confirm an appointment. Except that since I have a more pressing issue, I am going to reschedule my rheumatologist appointment for another day. Besides, I still have a dental appointment later this week, and there are only so many co-pays a girl can cough up in any given week.

Meanwhile, I am doing a Book Nerd Challenge for the year. I'm going to KILL IT, because A) I read a lot and B) I read fast. In fact, I've already read, like, ten books this month. Of course, this means that I haven't quite kept up with my homework as much as I should... oh well. I'M ON A BREAK, COLLEGE.