January 5, 2015


School is back in session. Can I get an amen? Breaks are nice, but we do much better with plans and schedules and such. In fact, the kids got right home from school, and settled into our regular routine with no prompting or fuss. It was magical.

Meanwhile, I got the grade back on my last paper, and I pretty much nailed it. I always put off writing my essays until the last second, but it seems to work for me. I went to the library today to get a jumpstart on my next paper. It's supposed to be 3-4 pages, and I have four topics to choose between. Easy peasy.

Of course, with winter break ending, I will also be going back to work. However, we're testing this week, so there's not much on the lesson plan schedule.

I've been working a lot on my cross stitch lately. I have a sampler that I haven't worked on in YEARS, and when I ran out of yarn, I decided to switch from crochet to cross stitch. The girls are fascinated that I know how to do it, and wanted to try for themselves. Luckily, I had a few beginning cross stitch things so that they could begin to get a handle on it. Right now, they're simply stitching in a left to right diagonal and learning to follow a pattern. There has been a lot of unpicking, especially from Taylor. She doesn't want to listen to my instructions, and insists that she's got it, but then she gets mad when her stitches don't look right. I keep repeating "Slow and steady. Slow and steady." as she unpicks her work.

Also, can you tell I like things to be orderly? I like BEDTIMES and ALARM CLOCKS and SCHEDULES and ROUTINES. Heck, even my hobbies are neat and tidy. (Count those stitches now!) I just think it's hilarious.