January 12, 2015


YOU GUYS. My mouth hurts so stinking bad, I want to die.

Okay, maybe I don't want to actually die, but I don't want my mouth to hurt either.

Here's the deal, some of my permanent teeth never grew in, which means that I still have some baby teeth in my mouth. And those dumb baby teeth are being big fat jerks.

Last Friday, I ended up having a tooth extraction. And today, I had two major fillings. And they're keeping an eye on one of them, because they think that it probably needs a root canal.  Plus, I have another appointment this coming Friday, because I need some patching done on a couple of teeth.  My gums are receding, and instead of getting a gum graft, they're going to patch the exposed roots, and hope that it helps.

I also am getting a referral to an oral surgeon so I can get an implant or a bridge... you know, which ever my insurance covers more of.

ALSO: I just discovered that a piece of my tooth was missed in the extraction. Because, you know, I have rotten teeth made of chalk. So I get to call the dentist first thing in the morning and beg to come in and get the little piece taken out. Because now that I noticed it, IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.

I sure hope my kids don't inherit my rotten teeth.