January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

SO. I've decided that I'm going to blog on odd numbered days. That way, I won't get behind on documenting life as I know it, but I also won't be overwhelmed. And I know that this is technically going to publish on January 2nd, but since I haven't yet gone to bed, it still counts as the first.

Why am I still up? A variety of reasons. Top two being a change in my medications (so fun) and the fact that I have a paper due in 8 hours, and I haven't quite written it yet. Luckily, I can whip that sucker up like nobodies business.

My doctors decided to take me off of Celexa and put me on Cymbalta instead. It's supposed to help with my brains and my pains better. Unfortunately, it takes like, a solid four weeks before I will notice any difference.

And since I was sick, my fun mouth ulcers have made a comeback. They're super irritating. HOWEVER: when I get them, I know I'm extra sick, and not just MS-y sick. So at least there's that. And here's where I'm going to give you Too Much Information. They are so swollen and blistery and painful that just a few minutes ago, I took an actual blade and I made a couple of incisions below each sore, and I helped drain all the crap out. Then I rinsed my mouth out with an antiseptic, which brought tears to my eyes, and now my mouth feels very much improved.

But enough about my gross symptoms...

We spent New Year's Eve with our friends from King William County. We headed over to the William's house and hung out with them. The Stephens family was also there. It's fun, because we're all low key and have similar parenting styles. It's important to have friends where you like the parents AND the children, because it doesn't happen all that often.

Daniel was a little confused because he thought that when we were going to have a New Year's party, it would happen on January 1st. He thought that we would stay up super late on THAT day. So then we had to go in to this whole shpeal about how the new day actually starts in the middle of the night, and how we know it's super confusing, but that's just how time works.

Daniel has also made some pretty cool discoveries lately. We have a little creek behind us, and there's a trail and a bridge, and all that fun explore-y stuff. Since it's winter, and the vines and trees are sparse, you can go back behind there and cross to the other side and just have a grand time doing whatever. A few days ago, when Daniel was out back with his friend Chris, they found some jaw bones. They brought the bones into the house, and were excited because it was maybe from a deer. Well, I looked them over, and said, well, they can't be from a deer, because a deer is a herbivore, so they have flat teeth, and these teeth definitely eat meat.

At any rate, I told them they needed to go back outside and see if they could find the rest of the skeleton, so we could have some more clues. Of course, when I said "go LOOK for more clues" the boys heard "Dig up the rest of the skeleton" so I have an almost complete set of raccoon bones sitting on my back porch.

Troy is super grossed out by this, and annoyed that I encouraged this archaeological adventure. What can I say, sometimes, boys need to dig up some bones.

Meanwhile, the boys wanted to sale the skelton to a museum. However, since they don't have the full skeleton, and because I don't want to deal with that, we have reached a compromise. I took some pictures of the boys with their awesome skeleton. Chris is going to keep both of the jaw bones, Daniel will keep the skull, and the rest of the skeleton will go back to it's resting place.

Happy 2015!