December 28, 2014

Christmas Recap

Christmas was lots of fun around here. Everyone got a gift that they absolutely loved and have been busy entertaining themselves every since. Daniel got a really cool lego set, and the girls got some new dolls and accessories. Thaddeus got a laptop, and everyone got a few minecraft things. We got Troy a remote control caddy, because he is ALWAYS asking, "Where's the remote?"

After we finished opening our gifts, we spent the rest of the day doing a fat lot of nothing. It was glorious.

We tried something new for Chrismas Eve this year though. One of the families in our ward isn't from here, so they invite other families that don't have extended family locally, and do a little Christmas Eve party. We had finger foods, and the kids got to play with their friends. Then, the kids dressed up and acted out the nativity. It was pretty fun, but I think we might stick with staying home next year. What can I say, we're homebodies.

We DID try to take a family photo, but it wasn't working out so hot. I had planned to try re-takes the next time we got ready for church, but I am home sick, and so is Blayne, so we are NOT getting dressed today.

Speaking of church, last Sunday we had the Christmas program, and Daniel, Blayne, and Taylor were in the choir. Thaddeus was the page turner at the piano for Brother Owens, and I directed the choir. It was really beautiful. At the end of the program, the congregation joined in with the choir in singing Silent Night, and when I turned around to lead, I saw quite a few tissues. It's always good to move people to tears, you know?

Meanwhile, we have one more week of winter vacation, and I need to buckle down and finish writing a paper or two. Okay, four. I have four papers I need to finish. I want to get them done and over with, but that means I need to sit down and get started, which is the hardest part. Once I start writing, it's no big deal. It's just the starting that I have issues with. Anyways, that's all we been up to.

OH. My Christmas tree is still up. That's probably not a big deal to anyone, except that I usually take it down first thing December 26. And I really want to take the tree down, but I'm not that motivated to get out the boxes to pack everything away. So up it stays.