May 6, 2014

Daniel McCune: 8 years old

Daniel is eight! He had a fantastic birthday. He had been wanting to stay home from school for weeks, and I told him that he could stay home on his birthday. Skipping school was probably the most exciting thing that happened to him. We got to hang out in his jammies for a little while, then we went out for his birthday lunch. After lunch, we went shopping and Daniel got a new suit, with a couple of dress shirts and ties. He also got to spend his birthday money. Daniel got some new beyblades, and has been battling ever since.

Dinner was actually brought to us that evening. I haven't been feeling the best, and friends at church really want to help out however they can, so I let them bring dinner. At any rate, we had a great dinner, followed by chocolate cake and ice cream. Then, he'll be getting baptized later this month, on May 25th.

Daniel's Favorites:

  • Color: Green and Orange
  • People: his family
  • Food: Hot dogs & potato salad
  • TV Show: Teen Titans
  • Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia & Frozen
  • Toy: Cars
  • Activities: Playing soccer, going to cub scouts
  • Book: Minecraft The Official Redstone Handbook