May 2, 2014


Daniel is about to have a birthday. He turns 8 in a few days, and that is pretty exciting because it means that he'll be getting baptized later this month.... May 25th to be exact.

In other news, I am once again waiting for my insurance to pre-approve a medication. It's annoying because I really need the meds, and since it's a treatment for a relapse, the longer I have to wait, means the effectiveness of the medication will be diminished. TIME IS THE ENEMY. However, it's also Friday, which means that if I don't get it today, then I probably won't get it until Monday, and by then, I don't even know if I'll be up for taking it anymore. It's a predicament.

I also asked the Branch President to release me from some of my church callings. Right now, I'm the primary music leader, which was supposed to be a temporary fix, but I've been doing it for over a year. I'm also the primary secretary, the branch choir director, and the Webelos den leader. So I told him I could do ONE, and that's it. (Well, I can do the choir director + one other thing.) It's just that when I get home from church on Sunday, I'm DONE. And I spend the rest of the day in bed, and the following Monday. Because it takes me that long to recover. So I give up.

And WHILE we're on the topic of my dumb body that doesn't quite work.... I've spent another night, 100% awake and alert, because everything hurts so badly that I can't sleep. So as soon as the doctor's office opens up, I'm calling in and requesting a new script for hydromorphone. I ran out, and it's my super emergency back up pain pill.... you know, because sometimes baths, and heating pads, and tylenol don't work. I also have super emergency migraine pills. They're pretty magical, but they tighten all my blood vessels up, which means that when I take it, I generally feel like I'm choking for the first 90 minutes. But it's worth it to not have stabbing pain and vision problems. But again, I only bust those babies out in case of emergency, because they're hella expensive.

As far as the children go, they're doing well. We're enjoying school and soccer and scouts and activity days. We are busy, busy, busy with all their activities, but it's a good busy. It has been very wet lately, and the little stream in our backyard has upgraded itself to a creek.... for a little while anyways. We walked down there yesterday, and had leaf races, like Winnie the Pooh. Except that we don't have a bridge to watch our leaves float down from, we have a great big log that we like to sit on instead. The kids love their little woods. We even found the perfect trees to tie ropes from, so that we can hang sheets and have forts. Forts are important when you're a child.... and when you're an adult. Mostly, forts are good because they're a great place to escape to when you're having feelings. Sometimes, people need to be alone with their thoughts, and if you don't have a place to go and process, then you blow up instead. I'm a fan of not blowing up.