March 13, 2014

March 12, 2014

We had the pinewood derby today. It was awesome! The boys cars were so cute, but they weren't very fast. Thaddeus and Daniel were a little bummed that their cars were so slow, but we assured them that NEXT year, we won't worry about making the cars look cute, we'll make them FAST.

Meanwhile, Daniel keeps getting boils. We try to take care of them the best we can with over the counter stuff, but I'm thinking he might just need to go on a round of antibiotics to kill the staph. Naturally, it's my fault that my kids have had boil issues, because I'm a staph carrier. You can test me on any given day, and it'll say I have an infection. So I think my kids might be carriers too, which apparently is one cause of boils, which is why I think it might help to try a round of antibiotics. Of course, I could be totally 100% wrong about this theory.

The weather is starting to warm up, which is nice. I can go outside again and walk/run around. And the kids started soccer this week! Every single one of them is on a soccer team. When we signed the kids up, some of them were less thrilled than others, but after one practice, they're PUMPED to be playing. I like soccer, because it's a team sport, but every individual is of equal importance. I feel like in basketball and football and such, there's a "star" player, especially when you have young kids. There is always at least one or two kids that are really, really good, and then there's the rest of the team. That doesn't happen in soccer. Plus, the kids are running the whole time, which is good for them. In fact, I am making the kids run after school for awhile to help build up their endurance. Plus, then I have running buddies, which is good for me.

THEN! Tomorrow at church we're having a swap & shop. You bring the stuff you don't need, and you can shop for the things you DO need. I'm excited to be getting rid of some serious stuff. I have a  basket in my bedroom, that is full of clothes that don't fit us anymore. I keep it there, because after the laundry is clean, it goes to my bed to get folded. And while I'm folding, when I come across an item that I had noticed doesn't fit anymore, I throw it into the basket. And the pile grows and grows and grows. It's full of too small kids stuff, and too big mom stuff. I've lost a little bit of weight, so some of my clothes don't fit anymore. This is super exciting to me, because losing weight is danged hard.

It's MS Awareness month. I never really understood why people did awareness walks and such, but now I get it. There's an MS walk in Richmond on April 26, and I want to go, but we have soccer games that day, so I can't. Mostly, I just wanted to go and meet other people that deal with the same things I deal with. I think it's important to have a lot of support, and also important to have friends that are in the same situation.