March 19, 2014

Regular People

We had yet another snow day on Monday. Which is funny, because the few days before were wonderfully glorious days full of sunshine and temps in the high 60's, low 70's.

Meanwhile, I have become very idle this winter. I've been hibernating in my warm, cozy house, and it's time for me to get back on track. I hopped on my bike today and rode for an hour, and it was great. I just need to make sure and do that every day!

And my new meds FINALLY came in. It's taken months to get approved and go through all the right insurance channels, but I am now the proud owner of a particular bottle of narcolepsy meds that I shall clutch to my heart. I started taking them on Saturday, and so far, so good. I've been AWAKE and FUNCTIONING in the day time, like a real human being! It's weird.

I have had a few friends ask me why I need these, and it's because I have sleep issues that I cannot control. I will be awake for days on end, no matter what I try, and then I will be asleep for days on end. It wasn't uncommon for me to be awake for an hour in the morning, to get the kids off to school, then to sleep until they got home. I would help with homework, and get dinner made, and all that stuff, and then I'd go back to bed at 7 or 8, and do the same thing the next day. So I'd only be "up" for 4-5 hours a day, for weeks at a time. Sundays were especially hard, because my "up" time would be all in one chunk, and after church, I would come home and crash. Then, after a while of this hard core sleeping nonsense, I'd be awake for days and days and days. I was like a zombie, and nothing we had tried was working. So my doctors decided to try me on Provigil. I'm very happy with the results thus far. I take it in the morning, and I have just been awake! I haven't even needed a nap. Then at bedtime, I take two sleeping pills, and I sleep! All night! You would think that the two would cancel each other out, but they don't. Because it's a whole brain issue.

At any rate, I've been able to get quite a lot of things done around the house, because I now have regular people hours. Watch out world.