November 7, 2013


Tonight, Daniel called as many people as he could to read them a poem over the telephone. Each Monday, he gets a new poem, and his homework is to read it out loud to people. Every now and again, he becomes obsessed with having the most signatures, and literally has to call every person he knows to read them the poem. It's really cute. And I really appreciate everyone answering their phones so we can read them a poem, hang up, and move on to the next person. You guys don't even make us chat! It's fantastic.

Meanwhile, today was so-so for me. I laid on the couch, surrounded by ice packs, with the door open to let in the cool air. My right foot is mostly numb, and my jaw still hurts, but at least I have pills for that. One of the best side effects is that I've stopped shaking so dang much. I used to not be able to hold my hand still. It would just vibrate and convulse and drop everything. It's been nice to be able to unload the dishwasher again.

It was also picture retake day. Taylor's school pics were okay, but her hair was in her face, and her chin was up, so we decided to try again. I have my fingers crossed that these ones turn out better than the last ones. I just love school pictures, mostly because I'm horrible about taking photos of the kids. I pull out the camera for "big" things, like birthdays and holidays, but beyond that, I'm not into it. I don't need a photo of each of my children every day of the lives... I just don't.

That being said, my plan to get our memory pages printed out before Christmas has fizzled into nothing. I'm way behind in documenting the memory books, but I just can't seem to find the motivation to catch up. I need to have a scrapbook night again. In my old ward in Arizona, there was a scrapbook group that met once a month, from 8pm - midnight, and it was SO helpful and productive. I need to have a group like that again.