November 8, 2013


FRIDAY! I love Fridays, because they're so low key. There's no pressure to get to bed on time, or finish up homework. Plus, it's followed by Saturday, which is the only day I get to sleep in past six thirty.

For our movie night tonight, we watched "The Odd Life of Timothy Green". It was okay, but not what I was expecting. That being said, it's nice that the kids are old enough to sit through an entire movie that doesn't feature cartoon characters and special effects.

Also, my grant money finally came! I got the check in the mail this afternoon, and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I wasn't even sure I was going to get anything, because I had so much issues with the FAFSA and registering for school. The community college I had originally enrolled in didn't offer federal student aid because ______  (I don't actually know. Something about retention rate and graduation rate or something). At any rate, I registered for classes, and they awarded me a grant, but when they didn't have student aid, I withdrew from all the classes and registered at a different school that DOES give student loans.

Dinner tonight was teriyaki vegetable stir fry. I love stir fry, because it's so easy to make and always tastes delicious. I substituted brown rice for the white, and I think I'll have to keep on doing that. I'm sure there are some meals that would be better with white rice, but for everything else, I'm going to start using brown. The only downside is that it takes so much longer to cook.

Meanwhile, it has gotten downright COLD around here. I've taken to wearing a jacket and socks in the house at all times. I would turn the heater up, but it seems like such a waste, especially during the day time when I'm the only one home. The bad thing is that I can't tell if my toes are numb from being cold, or if they're numb from MS. All I DO know is that my electric bill better be stinking cheap this month, otherwise, I'm cranking that sucker full blast.