November 11, 2013


So I take weekends off from the computer. I forgot about that when I said I would post every day. I guess what I meant is that I would post every day of my work week.


This weekend was the Primary Program. On Saturday, we had a practice at the church followed by a pizza party. Then on Sunday, the kids did awesome! They sang so sweetly and said their lines the best they could. My own kids did really good. I wish that we had gotten the parts to the kids earlier so that people could have memorized their parts, but we'll just keep that in mind for next year. Mostly, I was just glad that people remembered all the words to the songs.

After church, we hung around for choir practice. (Choir director, remember?) Our branch is singing in an interfaith Christmas program in December, so we really needed to finally meet and get a song under our belts. I chose a pretty simple arrangement, and after our first practice, I know that we'll be ready in time.

Meanwhile, I think I need to bring a snack in addition to our picnic lunch. Since we live a good 30 minutes from church, and because services are from 10 am- 1 pm,  I always pack a cooler with sandwiches and fruit. (Not that anyone would notice, since my kids complain of hunger loudly and take any snack offered to them.) This week, I thought I had made enough sandwiches, but I guess I didn't. (Seriously though, I made 9 sandwiches. Only 5 people eat sandwiches. I don't "do" bread. Even if some people ate two, it should have been enough.) I just think it would be a good idea to keep a box of granola bars in the car too. But not drinks. I don't do those. They can get water from the fountain.

Then today was Veteran's Day. Troy had the day off from work, but the kids still had school, so we got a day to ourselves to do whatever. We went with cleaning the kids bedrooms and throwing a bunch of crap away. And we switched a couple of doorknobs, so now the toy closet is LOCKED. After all, if you're not going to pick up your stuff, you shouldn't get to have stuff. We left out a few small key items that people need to sleep at night, but all the extras are G-O-N-E.

We also tried to find Troy a sweater, but he didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. We went to a few different stores, and after the last one, I suggested stopping by the Goodwill. We lucked out and found just what he was looking for, and it only cost us $5. OH! And I noticed that there is a new quilt shop in town! I'm going to go check it out tomorrow on my way home from the museum. I have a paper due on Wednesday about visiting an art museum, and I have visited one lately. I COULD just write about one of the ones I've been too, but that's no fun. Besides, I haven't been to anything like that in Richmond yet. Going to town for hospital visits and doctor appointments? Check. Going to town to do anything fun? Uncheck.