November 13, 2013


I went to look at houses again today. No go. Stairs were too steep, or layout was bad. There was one house that could have worked.... except that the owners were smokers. Which means that we would have to clean out the ducts, replace all the carpet, replace the blinds, tear off the wallpaper and treat the walls, THEN paint... and by the time we do all that, we're way over budget. So instead we say "pass".

Meanwhile, I finally made it to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and it was amazing. I totally am going to take the kiddos there when we have some free time, because it was awesome. After being spoiled by all the amazing museums in Washington DC, I was prepared to be underwhelmed by my visit, but I was mistaken. (And I am VERY happy about that.) Of course, on my way home, I took a wrong turn, and my phone wasn't working, so I had a very exciting drive.

My phone has been acting up lately, and it's starting to affect me. I was late getting home from the museum, because I'm not familiar with the area I live in yet, so I use a navigation app. Except that it wasn't working, and I couldn't remember if I take the 301, or the 360, or the 30, and do I need to go on the 295 or the 495? I finally pulled in at a McDonald's and got some help, but I was late getting home, and the kids had been locked outside. (It seriously took me 90 minutes to get home versus the 40 minutes it took to get there. I have issues.) Thankfully, we've discussed what to do if that happens, and the kids went straight to the neighbors and gave me a call.... Not that I got the call. Annoying.

I'm really looking forward to finishing up this semester . It doesn't officially end until December 17th, but I can finish up everything early if I want, so... I'm going to go ahead and just do that.