November 14, 2013

Homework Kerfuffle

I really hate taking exams. I think I'm ready, and I've studied and read, and taken notes, then BOOM, all the information falls out of my head, onto the floor, and I'm left sounding out difficult words and trying to remember the correct Architectural Orders ala the Greeks.

I also got to attend parent-teacher conferences today for Daniel and Taylor. (Thaddeus and Blayne's teachers said we didn't need to meet... hallelujah.) Daniel is doing great, his speech is getting better, and they've seen lots of improvements overall. His teacher sometimes has a hard time understanding him when he's really excited/rushed/sad/any kind of emotion, and I just nodded and said, "me too". But he is speaking a lot more clearly. We just need to keep working on the phonetics, because he writes words the way he hears and speaks, which is not always correct. He's awesome in class though, and has lots of friends, and loves to learn.

Taylor is a "really something!" according to her teacher. Which is to say that Taylor really likes school and is doing really well, especially in math. She's also reading well (you learn lots of big words reading scriptures with your family every night) and is very self motivated.

The funniest thing that happened at the conferences is that Daniel's teacher thanked me for finally sending in the field trip money, and then she said, "It just slipped your mind, eh?". No Ma'am. It did not slip my mind.

Here is the thing: If the children don't give me papers and permission slips, that's their problem, not mine. It's not my job to dig through their backpacks and differentiate between trash and treasure. It's just not. So if a person doesn't give me a permission slip, too bad, so sad, I guess they'll miss it.

I'm also not responsible for making sure people put their homework back in their backpacks. You see, we do our homework at the table, and then when people clean up their homework, it should, in theory, go straight back in the backpack. If it somehow ends up shoved under the couch, rest assured, *I* did not put it there.

Besides, I would rather people learn these types of lessons in second grade as opposed to eleventh.

See also: mean mommy.