November 19, 2013


I looked at a bunch of houses today, and I saw TWO that I liked.

Of course, they both need some love. And by some love, I mean to say that one needs a whole new roof and some drywall repair and new paint and floors. But that's all totally do-able, should we decide on that one.

The other house needs paint, carpet, and a good power wash.

Plus, I still have one more house that I want to see, but it wasn't available to show... All I'm going to say about it is, if you want to sell your house, you need people to be able to come and see it.

Meanwhile, we have put up our Christmas trees. Plural. We have four trees up, and it's like a happy Christmas forest, but we need two more trees, because then we can each have our own. The kids love having a lot of trees, because they can decorate them however they want. If I get two more trees, then the big one can be the "fancy" tree, and all the other ones can be regular, happy ones.

And we totally moved the couch and rearranged furniture to accommodate our forest.

I know that all these trees seems like a lot, but this is pretty much the extent of our Christmas decor. I would love to have garlands hanging around the room and whatnot, but realistically, that just hasn't happened for us. We do have our stockings hung on the fireplace mantel, so that's exciting, but the rest of the house is just the same.

I DO have exterior lights, which I'm debating putting out. The problem is that I have to go out and plug them IN, and that's super annoying. At one of the houses I looked at today, there was a light switch labeled Outside Christmas Lights and then I went and looked on the porch and there was an outlet, and I thought, "I really like the people who used to live here." I think all houses should have an outlet for outdoor Christmas lights.

I also think that houses should have ceiling lights in all the rooms. My living room doesn't have any light. The switch is wired to an outlet, which means I can turn on A (singular) lamp.  Fun Fact: my living room has four lamps so that we have enough light to read our scriptures at night. And by enough light, I mean that most of us aren't reading in shadows, but not all of us. Because that would require yet another lamp, and I just don't know how to make 5 lamps work in a room together. I mean, where would it even go?

Anyways, in all the houses we look at, I always check for overhead lights, because I don't want to have to run electrical through the ceiling. It's not difficult, it's just messy and time consuming.

Do you have strong feelings about lights? Because I sure do.