November 21, 2013

New places, new faces

It's almost ten at night, and the last of the kidlets is just getting out of the shower. We had "Meet your Mormon Neighbor" tonight at the branch, and it was great! We talked about how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is organized, and what we do at Sunday services. What was really neat was that a lot of kids came, and they were hanging out in the Primary room (because that's THEIR room, ya' know?), and I sat at the piano to play some songs from the Children's Songbook. These kids gathered round and just started singing along, and it was so sweet! I really do love serving in the primary. The kids are great, and my main job is just to make them feel loved, which is really easy. And I think all the kids like me (because I always think everyone likes me) so it's extra fun. I love to find new, fun ways to teach them, because they get so excited about everything. Cheerfulness is contagious folks.

Anyways, we didn't leave church until about 8:45, which means we didn't get home until about 9:15, and then it was showers and vitamins and hugs and kisses, and I am officially SPENT.

Also: we found a house, and we're putting an offer in. It's a foreclosure, so we don't really know how long it will take to close and all that, but we're excited. We're already making plans for what to do with the yard, which is going to include some leveling. But I'm going to have my garden back! And maybe we'll get a trampoline! And a basketball hoop! And if we want to be really adventurous, we could put in a zip line! Also, the house is ONE LEVEL. There is a bonus room above the garage with it's own bathroom, but everything else is on one level. And there are a few stairs to get into the house, but they're wide and not steep, and there are only 5 steps to the front door, and 6 or 7 in the garage.

And, when we move, I get a piano! Woot-woot! Right now, I only get to play the piano at church, and it's a bummer. Plus, my kids can get back on track with piano lessons... I could even teach some piano. That would be awesome!

The other great thing about the house is that the kids would stay in the same school, and we'd still be in the Tappahannock Branch, so we don't have to switch records or teachers, just school buses. I mean, there's nothing wrong with making new friends, but it does take a long time to find where you fit in, in a new place.

Also: I have been awake and busy for the last 16 hours. Does it show?

Bloodshot eyes are super sexy.... wink.