November 6, 2013

Day 2

Today we went to look at houses. Unfortunately, the house I thought I would like the best was pretty darn crappy. Layout was weird, it smelled awful, and the detached garage was at a weird angle which would make parking my massive beast of a car inside impossible.

We did see one good house, but the yard was crap (but fixable). It was also in the middle of nowhere, and off of a dirt road, and they wanted a lot more money than I'm willing to pay. BECAUSE IT'S IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Also: we had to cross a swamp to get to it, and since it hasn't rained lately, I'm really nervous about the possibility of flooding.

So we continue on in our quest for the perfect home.

Meanwhile, it was scouts tonight. I decided to work on the communicator activity badge with the boys and we were able to pass off five of the requirements. Which is pretty awesome, if you ask me. We talked about all the different ways you can communicate with people, and played a game of charades, and we got a tour of our local Family History Library. (It helps that it's located in our church building.) We ended with the boys making secret codes. And cookies. Because I made cookies yesterday, oatmeal everything ones, and my kids don't want to eat them! Thankfully, the boy scouts liked them, so I don't have dozens of cookies sitting around my house going stale.

Today was so packed that I didn't get a chance to exercise, and I missed it. I've been doing really awesome at the whole exercise thing the last few months. I even started doing the P90X, and have been really enjoying it. Of course, I'm not quite as fit as the people in the videos, but I just do my best to make it to the end. And since the weather has been so nice, I get to cool off afterwards with a walk around the neighborhood.

I sort of started running too. Mostly, because I decided that I want to do a crazy race with my brother who runs like, 50 miles at a time. Also: three of the kids are in running clubs at school, and they're training for the turkey trot. I told them that I would trot along with them, so I'm doing my best to work up to that.

I found an app for my phone called RunKeeper that tracks how far I've gone, and my time. It also has programs on it for beginning runners (SO SO ME) that help me get used to running for extended periods of time. I'm not too far in to the program, but I really like the challenge.

Every time I tie my shoelaces, I get incredibly happy, because I think back to 2008, and 2009, and 2010, when I didn't know I had MS, and I would try to do things, and my legs would stop working, and I would fall and get hurt. I had TWO SPRAINED ANKLES in 2010. At the same time! I seriously am in disbelief about how much better my overall health is since starting my MS medications and researching what I can do to alleviate symptoms. One of the best decisions I've ever made was to stop eating yeast, among other things. (I should do a whole post about what I will and will not eat. Actually, maybe not. I will not eat things that are made with ingredients I cannot pronounce.... and we don't do preservatives either, except in emergencies.) 

And on that note, I'm out.