November 5, 2013

Day 1

I'm going to write on this blog EVERY DAY for the next thirty days. Mostly because I need to get back in the habit of writing every day, and also because writing helps get all the non-essential garbage out of my head. 

It's November, and we are gearing up for the Primary Program. We've practiced in the chapel the last two Sundays, and we have our Saturday practice/pizza party this weekend. Come Sunday morning at 10am, the show begins. I like the Primary Program a lot because the kids are so excited to speak at the pulpit with the microphone. I just have my fingers crossed that everyone shows up on time, myself included. (Every week, I tell myself that we're going to leave at 9:15, and then POOF, it's 9:35 and we almost make it on time.)
We switched Daniel's asthma meds to a non-steroid version awhile ago, because he was getting very big and puffy (no joke: he gained 10 pounds in three months on the steroids. That's a LOT, especially for a little kid.) His face is finally starting to slim back down, and he's dropped a couple of those pounds, and I can tell he feels better overall. 

Also, today the kids are out of school because it's election day. (The schools are the polling places) After lunch, I kicked every one outside for a mandatory recess. I like to send the crazy outside every now and then. I don't even care if all you do is sit on the front porch and sulk! So long as you do it outside, we're golden. 

And on that note, I'm off to play with some kiddos.