October 30, 2013

Decision Time

We're looking at houses to buy. This is exciting and horrifying all wrapped up together in a neat little package. There are some really gross houses out there. There are also a lot of people who really think their homes are worth a lot more than they are.

Of course, this also means that Troy and I are having lots of debates about what we NEED in a house, because those are two entirely different criteria. And I'm willing to fix up some things, whereas Troy wants move-in ready. BUT, if we get it for cheap enough, then we can HIRE people to do the work! The thought of not having to paint walls myself is tantalizing. Not that I don't love to paint. It's just that I don't love to paint entire interior spaces, which is what usually happens. And if the house needs floors, that's totally a hire-someone job! I guess what I'm saying is that our lives are pretty exciting at this point, and we shall be moving around Christmas time once again. (Because nothing says Merry Christmas like boxes sealed with red and green duct tape.)

Meanwhile, I thought I had cavity or something, but I don't. It's just a new MS symptom that makes my jaw hurt all the time. Which makes it hard to eat, because chewing makes my mouth tired and achy. Sadly, I can't live on smoothies alone. It's really making my life miserable, because I have to eat every three hours with my medicine, and I am forcing food down my gullet. Plus, I really want a salad, but the thought of chewing all that lettuce makes me want to cry. (Which is why I've been putting every thing in the blender. But I miss the crunch.)

Also, we have a new best friend. His name is Austin and he's at our house every day after school until I send him home. He really likes being at our house, even when we're working and cleaning. I've noticed that my kids friends really like being at our house. I think it's because everyone feels "safe" at our house, and everyone has the same rules. Not that I have a lot of rules, but the ones I do have are set in stone, and I treat every one the same.  I actually have a few more ideas about why I think kids like my house, but that's a blog for another day.

Also: Halloween is tomorrow. YES.