September 18, 2012

Tutorial: DIY Fry Box, a step by step guide

Do you LOVE our printables, and think the fry boxes are OH SO CUTE but you don't know how to put them together? Then this post is for you! Our fry boxes are super easy to put together, and to show you, I've put together this step by step tutorial. 

Step One: Print out your Fry Box

step 1 - print
We have a lot of different options for fry box printables, and we add new designs all the time, so be sure to check out all the different themes, because you never know which one will work best for your party! (We are BIG FANS of mixing and matching the printables!)

Step 2: Cut!

step 2 - cut
step 2a -cut
Cut around the outside of edges of the fry box… this is the trickiest part of the whole process.

Step 3: Do a cheesy pose for the camera and wonder why your face is so red

step 3 - pose for the camera

Step 4: Score the curved lines

step 4 - score on lines
What is scoring, you ask? Scoring is when you create a line on the paper to make it easier to fold. YOU ARE NOT CUTTING. You’re making an indent on the paper, to reduce the stiffness along the line, to make it easier to fold the paper. There are scoring tools available, but they are not necessary, and to prove my point, you can see in the photo above that I am using the edge of a butter knife. Take that, fancy scoring tools.

Step 5: Bend the paper on the scored lines

step 5 - bend on scored lines
See how easy it is to bend that curved line now? If you didn’t score the paper, it would get all wrinkly and not be as crisp.

Step 6: Fold the straight lines

step 6 - fold straight lines
You CAN score the straight lines, but you don’t have to. It’s totally 100% your call.

Step 7: Apply glue to flaps

step 7 - apply glue on flaps
step 7a - apply glue on both flaps
On your fry box, you now need to glue the side flaps together, but you need to not have glue on the inside or outside of the box. So you apply your glue to the PRINTED SIDE of the flap.

Step 8: Press the sides together

step 8 - fold

Step 9: Voila! You have a Fry Box!

step 9 - ta-da!
And that’s it! So easy, so cute, and a fun addition to any celebration.
Now, get your fry box on. Winking smile