September 17, 2012

The Letter U for Preschoolers

My four year old should be in preschool. Except that she is my youngest. And I had my kids really close together, so I never really got to enjoy just one kid at a time. AND IT'S NICE.

So I've decided that she can't go to preschool because she has to stay home with me. To play. Except that she really should be in preschool, so we're also going to do some preschool-y type things at home. While we play.

And you, lucky lucky you, get to hear my lesson plan for each week!  You know, in case you have a preschooler at home that you want to play with too.

The lessons will be quick and easy, and I'm mostly pulling everything from other sources around the internets.  So here's your disclaimer about how this, in no way, can be counted as real preschool.  But then again, at least it's something.

This week's lessons: the letter U and Matching Skills

U is for Unicorn coloring page, courtesy of (I like this site and will probably use it frequently)

• Making a wearable unicorn horn, courtesy of 4 Crazy Kings blog.

• "My First Letter U Book" with tracing activity, page 1 and page 2, courtesy of  Except that instead of having her draw the pictures in each square, I'm going to print these pictures, and have her cut them out and glue them to the right page of the book (this counts as practicing matching skills, right?)

• Print this page of upper and lower case U's, and have her paint the letters with water colors (lots of different colors, or striped, or some kind of fun way).

Check back each Monday to see our new plan for each week!