September 15, 2012


Taylor ALMOST broke her arm on Friday. Which means that instead of getting my homework done so I could enjoy the weekend, I picked her up from school early to hang out the ER and get X-rays.

And now it's Saturday night, and I still don't have my homework done, but at least it's been started.

And while her arm isn't broken, it is hurt, so she can't do everything she would typically do, like clear her spot from the table, because that is a two handed job when you're a pipsqueak.

In other news, Daniel has decided that he's afraid of the dark. I 100%, totally, and completely blame Thaddeus for this development, and if I knew of a good way to fix it, I would. Alas, I do not have any genius ideas, because the only way to combat the dark is to have a little light.

Which reminds me that another recent development in the irrational fears category belongs to Taylor. Once again, Thaddeus is 100% to blame, because he found hilarious YouTube videos starring EVIL ELMO, and now, anytime Sesame Street is on, Taylor starts to cry. It's super fun.

You people that don't have siblings, you're really missing out on the good life.