March 2, 2012

Minnie and Mickey Kid Snack

Cheese and bread - two absolutely guaranteed foods that my kids will eat.  (Even the picky ones.)  But sometimes it's fun to make the cheese and bread a little less boring, so one day I made Disney style Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  (Which received much applause and praise from my 3 and 4 year old.)

They're made entirely out of 2 pieces of bread and a few slices of cheese.  I have minnie and mickey head cookie cutters, so that part was super easy - although their heads are just one big circle with two little ear circles, so it's not like it's horrifically difficult to cut freehand, right?

The bread for the rest of their bodies was made out of the scraps after I cut the heads out.

You can cut and place the cheese however you'd like.  I decided on a skirt and shorts for them, but even if you just made the ear/head part out of cheese your kid is going to know what it is and be excited.

And have I mentioned that these are ONLY BREAD AND CHEESE?  Seriously, easiest fun lunch ever.