September 24, 2011

Two Birds, One Stone

You know how your body gets so tired, that your eyes go blurry? I am having that right now. So please excuse any grammatical and spelling errors that are certain to happen here.

This past week, we’ve taken turns passing around some sort of virus. It’s gone through all of the kids, and I’m halfway waiting to come down with it myself. Of course, so far I’m in the clear, and I attribute this the fact that I’ve been avoiding my kids as much as possible.  I could lie and say that I’m avoiding them because of my medications/weakened immune system/doctors told me to stay away from sick people, or I can just embrace that, that is the type of parent I am. You are sick? Here is a throw up bucket, but please try to make it to the toilet.

I don’t’ know how parents who don’t have a throw up bowl function. Maybe they just have trained the kids on vomiting etiquette better than I have? Or maybe they’re magical and their kids don’t get sick.

When I was in school, I loved sick days. I never understood students who had a perfect attendance record. Then again, I wasn’t usually sick on my sick days. My senior year was awesome because I made the chronic illness list, thereby giving me the freedom to do things during the day such as canoeing down the river.  Sick days are never fun if you’re actually sick.

One time, I had pink eye, and being the fair complexioned person that I am, I looked like an albino rabbit. White hair, white skin, red eyes. I would have made a great vampire.

Do you put your cart in the return area after you grocery shop? When I lived in Arizona, I didn’t. Because there was no wind, and the ground was flat. You could just leave your cart, and it wouldn’t move.  Here I put the cart back in the stall because the ground is uneven and it gets really windy. Virginia has made me a more polite grocery shopper.

During our grocery rounds today, I took my kids out to lunch. We went to Panda Express. This may not be a big deal to you, but you have to understand that they didn’t have a drive thru. That makes it a big deal. Because we had to get out of the car, and eat in the restaurant. Which means that myself and my children both had to be presentable enough to go out in public.

My kids are great in public. A family at the table next to us, a mom, dad, and child, were watching as we ate. today.  The mom said to me, “I don’t know how you do it.  One is enough for me.” which made me sad for the little girl, because the way the mom said it, she may has well slapped the kid in the face. Her tone sounded more along the lines of, “I will never have any other kids because this monster child is killing me slowly.” It’s never good to hear resentment.

My elbows hurt. Really badly. I have an appointment with the rheumatologist this week, and I get to have a bone density scan. Not that the elbows is related. I’m just saying that it’s a JOINT and I’m having x-rays of said joints in 5 days. Two birds, one stone.