September 25, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

We didn’t get to church this week. Thaddeus was sick, though he would beg to differ. However, this child, who shoots out of bed at the crack of dawn every day of my life, slept until 9am. Sleeping = sick for him.

I felt bad, because I was supposed to teach Sunday School, but I didn’t want to spread our germs to everyone at church. Because then we would get whatever again in another 6 weeks. Random colds = winter is coming.

I guess I could have left him home for an hour by himself, but just the thought of that makes me want to throw up. Me = paranoid much. Except not really, because it’s not that I don’t trust HIM so much as I don’t trust anyone else. If anything, he’s TOO nice, and would probably allow a raving lunatic murdered into the house to wait. Because he still answers the door, even though I’m trying to teach my children the art of hiding. It’s not going well.

So we stayed home, and people hung around doing whatever their hearts desired. I watched reruns of Say Yes to the Dress and wondered if anyone on that show had ever considered sleeves. All the brides always go strapless. I also get a kick out of the bridal consultants who poo-poo to the camera about the bride-to-be’s budget. “I just don’t know WHAT she thought she would get with a budget of only $5000.” Because a $5000 wedding dress is basically a hefty bag with tulle.

And while I wondered these thoughts, Taylor played beauty shop on my hair. She even offered to cut it for me, if I was interested. Because my hair would be much cuter if it was a “leetle bit” shorter and bouncy, instead of long like Tangled. Do your kids ask for hairstyles based on Disney movies? Mine do.

I started a bigger dose of my meds today. The only thing about injections that bother me is that I bruise so easily. Last Sunday I injected my arm, and I have a nasty looking bruise about three inches across. In the reading materials, they stress the importance of alternating your injection sites: arms, thighs, bottoms, and stomach. I was wary of the stomach, because I have issues with things touching my stomach ever since my hysterectomy. It hurts to wear pants. But tonight I decided to suck it up, and talked myself into doing an injection in my stomach, because how bad can it be, right?


It was actually pretty glorious because I didn’t feel ANYTHING. Nerve damage for the win. Which is curious, if I can’t feel an injection, why do waistbands bother me so much? WHY PEOPLE?

Now, for the most important news of the day: AMAZING RACE STARTS TONIGHT. You’re welcome for the reminder.