September 5, 2011

One More Day….

I didn’t do a video diary today because it’s a holiday, which means that the DadGuy is home, and you know what’s really awkward? Trying to record a video when someone is making faces and rolling their eyes at you. YOU WIN DADGUY, YOU WIN.

Tomorrow though, my house should be almost silent because SCHOOL STARTS IN THE MORNING.

We are super excited about it.

And by we, I mean me.

The children are happy and all, but *I* am ECSTATIC.

Naturally, we’ve been counting down the hours until the school bus comes, and the kids are all geared up for our annual Back To School Feast. It’s special because we use a fancy tablecloth, the good dishes, and we drink from goblets… every drink is more delicious in a goblet.

We’ve also set out our clothes, polished our shoes, and set the alarm clocks JUST IN CASE we sleep in for the first time ever in our lives.

Our backpacks are hanging by the front door, our pantry is filled with acceptable school snacks, and come tomorrow morning, 75% of the Bingham’s will be in school full time.

We. Can’t. Wait.