September 6, 2011

School is in Session: Hallelujah

Today was the first day of school: Awesome.

Today it poured: Not awesome.

The bus showed up on time: Awesome.

Laying on the couch all day because rain makes my body hurt: Not awesome.

Not having to worry about people being bored: Awesome.

Taylor having free reign of the house and Pokémon cards: Awesome.

Realizing that three of your kids are pretty much the same height: Awesome.

Having a routine again: Super Awesome.

first day of school 9-6-2011

First Day Of School: September 6, 2011

Thaddeus - 7 years, 2nd grade: Taylor – 4 years, preschool: Daniel - 5 years, Kindergarten: Blayne - 6 years, 1st grade