September 4, 2011

Hold Up

So here is the thing:

There are too many NEW THINGS happening inside my body at once, which is making every part of me hate all the other parts of me, causing a war to end all wars.

So the NEW PLAN is to revert to the way things were for the time being, because the system is shutting down.

ERGOE. I bought a case of Dr. Pepper.

Pain pills are much more effective when followed by a soda chaser.

Plus, when I mentioned to the doctor that after my first injection, I was awake for three days, he was prompted to ask about my sleeping habits in general which made my husband, who accompanied me to said appointment, LAUGH OUT LOUD…. HYSTERICALLY.  Then he proceeded to tell the doctor everything he’s ever noticed about my night time habits. (Like he has room to complain.)

Now I get to do a sleep study, because APPARENTLY, it isn’t normal to only sleep for a few hours every now and then. And I GUESS that most grown ups sleep through the night too. pffht. THAT’S WHY I WAS AWESOME AT BABIES.