September 2, 2011

Family Feature Friday: Blayne

Blayne is in the middle of a growth spurt. At this point in time, she is slightly taller than her older brother, thanks to her long, long Christensen legs. 

blayne 4th of julyBlayne marching in the church parade on the 4th of July

This has been giving us quite a problem with school shopping, because the pants that fit her inseam, are too big around the waist, yet too tight in the rear. What can I say, the girl’s got curves.

Blayne has also been a HUGE helper to me this summer. She’s incredibly smart and has been reading up a storm. Her favorite color is still pink, and Puppy still accompanies us everywhere.

She’s a great swimmer, and has spent the summer getting tanner, and blonder.

 blayne smile

She is very excited for school to start next week, and has been filling Daniel in on everything he needs to know about school. Basically, it boils down to raising your hand, always using an inside voice, and don’t forget that you can have PINK MILK at lunch… or chocolate if you want.

And that is what Blayne has been up to.