August 25, 2011

AND everyone is mad at each other too.

I have been working on a new project with my very good, very artistic friend Melissa.

We are very excited about it, and hope to have everything ready to roll out on October 1.

Of course, we could have it ready BEFORE October 1, but that would probably cause at least one of us to spontaneously combust into a million fiery pieces of ash.

In other news, Northern Virginia has declared a state of emergency.

BASICALLY what this means is that now the grocery stores are going to be out of food because people like to freak out over any kind of inclement weather. (Just a casual observation I’ve had over the years. Snow = no milk on the shelves.)

Of course, I usually do my errands on Friday, so this does not bode well for our house. Naturally, I called DadGuy and asked him to stop by the store on his way home from work today and get stuff. What kind of stuff? Totally his call. I just don’t care all that much. The children requested ice cream.

What mostly annoys me is that I watered all the plants this morning, and an hour later, it started raining. WHAT a waste of a chore.

Tonight I am giving myself my first shot of Rebif. I am expecting to feel terrible, because then I might be pleasantly surprised. Or not. But the worst is when you think you’ll be FINE and then you’re NOT FINE. Those are the worst kinds of days. If you expect everything to go wrong, then your day always seems fabulous in comparison.

Yesterday the boys decided to ignore my sage advice and ride bikes and play outside without shoes. Daniel crashed his bike and cut two of his toes, and Thaddeus got bitten or stung by something, and his foot is red, hot, and swollen. Serves them both right, mother knows best.

On rainy sort of days, I get confused. It’s never the time I think it is, and everything just feels off. And on the one hand, the day seems to drag on indefinitely, and on the other hand, it’s suddenly time for bed. I don’t understand how it works at all, but it’s discombobulating. Plus, it makes my kids fight with each other like CUH. RAZY. Right now, they all hate each other and are fighting about dumb things like whether or not someone is breathing too much. Did you know that people breathe too much? Because according to my sources, this happens fairly often.  

ALSO: If you could have any kind of party/event, what would your theme be?