August 26, 2011

Family Feature Friday: Danny Mack

Danny summer 2011

Danny starts kindergarten this year.

He is so excited that he can hardly wait. You see, I always told him he would go to school when he turned FIVE, and he turned FIVE in May and was sorely disappointed to find out that his mom was a big fat liar and that he wouldn’t REALLY be going to school until he was five AND A HALF. (These things matter.)

At any rate, we’ve been counting down the days until Daniel is a REAL school-kid.

What’s my favorite thing about him right now? Easy. The way he talks.

danny mohawk

He has a little bit of a speech problem, so instead of saying “Right” he says “Yight”. And he says “Yight” a lot because about a hundred times a day, he repeats something that I have just said and adds, “Yight Mom?”

me: “You have to drink water.”

Danny: “Yeah. You have to du-wink water, yight Mom?”

Usually it’s very cute and endearing, but sometimes I can’t quite understand what he is saying. Then he gets frustrated with me. For example, the other day, he asked me to please draw a DayRobot.

“A DayRobot?” I asked. “No, a DAYRobot,”  he says. So I repeat myself, “A DAYRobot?” “NO! A DAYRobot!”

So I tried things that rhyme. A SAYRobot? PLAYRobot? MAYRobot? We were getting nowhere fast.

Daniel was frustrated to the point of tears, so I  asked Blayne to see if she could understand what he was saying.

“a DAYRobot!” he tells her.

“A SLAVE ROBOT,” she translates.

Me = grateful for bilingual children.