July 26, 2011

My Body Hates Me

I went to the doctor today.

I should probably specify what kind of doctor, since I see so many these days.


I saw my NEUROLOGIST today and he said “blah, blah, blah, more tests, blah, blah, blah” and so on and so forth.

GOOD NEWS: I passed my EVOKE potentials test. Which means that while my limbs may be of little use to me these days, I retain my super sonic hearing abilities and my eyeball nerves are still attached.

MORE GOOD NEWS: I don’t have a lesion ON my spinal cord. Just lots on my brain.

NOT SO GOOD NEWS: I have nodules on my thyroid. Luckily, I already have a endocrinologist on deck, and I just get to make yet another appointment so they can poke me with MORE NEEDLES! Unfortunately, I already TAKE synthetic thyroid hormones, which should prevent the growth of thyroid tissue, which means that I will be having a biopsy at the very least, and a minor neck surgery at the very most, because nodules should most definitely not be growing.  I HEART MY LIFE.

NEWS THAT IS SLIGHTLY RELEVANT TO THE ABOVE: Once, in the year 2008, I had 8 surgeries. And I had growths removed from my colon (gross) that were pre-cancerous. I’m prone to think that the nodules in my thyroid will also be pre-cancerous. Of course, I could be totally wrong. WHO KNOWS ANYMORE.

OTHER NEWS THAT IS NEITHER GOOD NOR BAD: I get to have a lumbar puncture on Thursday. And have a 75% chance of giving joint fluid on Friday. I have to bring a “driver” to both appointments.

OTHER OTHER NEWS: My hair has been thinning recently. (Do you like how I don’t want to say it’s falling out? Because I don’t want to say that…. thinning for the win.) Today I have it up in a ponytail, because it’s hot on my neck, and I have a halo of short little hairs sticking all about. Taylor, our miniature stylist, has offered me her hair services. I politely declined, seeing as how she’s four and terrible with scissors.

And that is my *update* of the day.

And yes, I am using my blog as my personal health journal. Because unlike the notepad that I had, my children can’t rip out the pages and make paper airplanes. Lesson of the day: BLOGGING IS PERTINENT TO YOUR HEALTH.